TF1 senior reporter, Michelle Izzard, tells us the mysteries of the Island of Pigs

A place far from everything nature is at its wildest. Sparkling and quiet. Kind of paradise on a land. It seems hard to imagine. Let’s imagine, even, in our society of artificial. However, this place does exist. This place is an island. An island known today to all as the Island of Pigs. Legendary island. An island that has been hidden from men for nearly 40 years. In the mist of the southern Indian Ocean, door In theSouth Pole.

“I was doing a report in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF). I had to meet those who work there and who connect them to our world. I learned that a special expedition was preparing to land the scientists on the Isle of Pigs »Tell us Michel Izard. The island was about to break out of its isolation. We couldn’t leave a handful of researchers the only witnesses. We had to accompany them. » Tell this wonderful story. That was what the great reporter had in mind. Without really doubting that he was about to live an adventure like no other.

Because Michelle Izard saw the country. Antarctica, he knows. But “The Island of Pigs is truly like no other. It was as if we were in another world.”tell us. In another world and in another time, one would almost say.

On this island flourished, not long ago, the largest colony in King penguins In the world. More than a million people. But it must be said “who succeeded”. Because in 2018, satellite images revealed a painful truth. 90% of them disappeared. That is why the scientists decided to go back there. Almost 40 years after the last human visit. To understand the reason for this brutal decline.

The king penguin chicks that we discover here, still covered with their bottoms, are somewhat curious. They came to peck our feetRemembers Michel Izard. Maybe because they took us to their parents. » Because you should know that penguins do not have good eyesight. They recognize each other through their cries. © Michel Izard and Bertrand Lachat TF1, all rights reserved

Pig Island, in the heart of nowhere

“Imagine how lucky we were. Researchers have always dreamed of Pig Island. Charlie Post is birds World. In 1982, he was aboard Marion Dufresne when the TAAF supply ship dropped the last of the adventure scientists there. And for 37 years, Charlie has returned every year toarchipelago Croisette. Without ever seeing the island again, since I left Marion Dufresne Road. There, he was preparing to set foot there for the first time… and possibly the last too. The feelings we shared with him are indescribable.”Michael Izard tells us.

“Sort of like the feeling I had when, after six days at sea, and after six days of increasingly unbearable waiting, we finally slowed down. We knew she was there. But before us, there was only a mist. The Isle of Pigs lived out its sound.” That’s what I was thinking when the veil was finally torn Revealing the lost piece of land in the middle of nowhere For a moment I found myself transported back to the year 1772 No longer aboard Marion Dufresne But on explorer boat who gave her her name. in the skin of these Browsers from yesterday. Whoever also saw it emerging from the mist, an island as mysterious as it was attractive. »

An adventure in another time that only words can hope to tell. “Finally, that’s why I wrote” The Mystery of the Island of Pigs “(Paulsen ed.). » to make you feel “The Power of Place History”. To make us feel how this island connects us so far from it all with time. In touch with those stranded there in the past. Spend weeks, sometimes months, to relearn how to live in nature. In contact with those who tried to tame this mysterious island.

But also in contact with the emergency. “We only had five days to spend there. There was very little time left for the scientists to conduct their investigations.” A little time to unravel the mystery of the island of pigs. But after so much time in this Universe appease. This universe where one does not know the danger. “The albatross, sea ​​elephantsPenguins only come to Pigs Island to breed or molt. They do not compete. They do not have a predator. » Their life is beautiful. without worry. And a few men wouldn’t bother them. “My anthropomorphic looks say they welcomed us. They allowed us to immediately and completely immerse themselves in their lives. But if I’m honest, I must say I mostly felt like an outsider among them. As if our existence had at last gone, for them, unnoticed. Absolutely one.”

On the Isle of Pigs, animals are indifferent to the presence of men. Most of the time. As this elephant seal proves… surprise or displeasure? hard to decide. But it seems certain that he discovered an intruder. © Michel Izard and Bertrand Lachat TF1, all rights reserved

The secret of the island of pigs

so much for “other time”. As for the ” The other world “It might be easier to touch. This is the case to say. “As you approach Pig Island, the viewpoint you are alerted to is first and foremost. This volcanic land, this huge bare rock emerging from the mist. Then there is the noise. That wind is blowing incessantly. That grass crushed by our footsteps. Those waves Which crashes into the rocks Penguins of course Penguins scream to find each other And near the manchutir there are smells The smells of animals The smells of droppings Without forgetting all the sensations Feeling cold, exacerbated by rain and wind Feeling almost drowning in the ground without a track track Land lined with greenery . »

While the great reporter was enjoying the moment – the present as well as the past – the scientists were working hard. Collect as many clues as possible that can put them on the right track. Understand how so many royal penguins have disappeared in such a short time. To find the answer, you have to delve into it “Pig Island Mystery”.

You can also join these few researchers who have braved the elements to find answers. To discover, perhaps, that even in the depths of the Indian Ocean, in the middle of nowhere, on the Isle of Pigs, the answers that nature gives are complex. And solutions, which are sometimes sought beyond borders. Finally, he ventured to turn the last page with the desire that this legendary island forever remain… a piece of mystery.

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