Some bagged compote is not good for your kids’ health, scientists warn!

Today, packaged compote is – once again – widely acclaimed by parents, noted by British scientists who have deplored sky-high sugar levels, but also false rhetoric about notions of “products adapted to the needs of infants”. On top of that, even encapsulation of the pockets would compromise the proper development of the teeth.

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It’s a must-have in all parents’ diaper bags and seems as practical as it is good for the health of little ones. However, compotes packed in zip-tops won’t be as harmful for their little contraindications, even so much so that British dentists warn about their puzzling proportion in sugars. This is not the only problem…

in the strawberryapple orapricot…you have to admit that compote is packed into pockets that you just have to squeeze to give a little kid a taste that’s very practical when you’re out and about. Since it is a file Snack With fruits, we tend to consider this offering to be recommended for children.

However, the British Dental Association (BDA) examined the composition of 109 such products, all designed for children under twelve months of age, to see how rich the compote is. sugars. In fact, more than a quarter of it contains more sugar than a packet of sugar coca colawhen the same comparison the sound. And two-thirds of the pockets exceeded five grams of sugar per 100ml.

Practical but bad, from content to container!

For 40% of the samples, this pocket compote was well “marketed” as a product suitable for children from four months of age. L ‘World Health Organization It is recommended not to give this type of food product until after six months.

According to the BDA, don’t be fooled by claims that highlight the phrases “no added sugars” or “high in fiber.” According to British dentists, the marketing around these products suggests, wrongly, that they are health products.

However, this is far from the case, especially when you consume it directly by sucking the tongue out of the pocket – although the purpose of this pack is specifically to place the mouth on the small tube so that you don’t need a spoon anymore… In fact, by keeping the tip plastic Between teeth, enamel damage and the appearance of cavities.

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