Beware of fake cards circulating on social media!

Compare these maps with anomaly From the heat For those other years where temperatures are supposed to be similar between 2002 and 2022, or even between 1976 and 2022. Their goal: to get people to believe in exaggerating climate change. According to these disguised climate skeptics, Meteorological Amplify the map’s coloration by giving it an increasingly red hue to make it look like higher temperatures. In particular through a photo that claims to compare two maps of 2002 and 2022, when in fact it is 2019 and 2022! if Colors different, simply becauseThey come from different sourceswhere is the symbols Colors vary! Conversely, temperatures between July 13, 2022 and July 17, 2022, when compared to the same color scales, do not give the same result at all.

So we are very far from media manipulation aimed at “simulating” global warming. Because that’s all about warming on a large scale. Hence the usefulness of displaying extended maps of the thermal anomaly. These fake cards are in circulation not only for France, but for the whole of Europe: another comparison that puts the cards side by side weather report from Sweden which shows similar temperatures in 1986 and 2022, but uses a separate color code. Again, the TV channels that broadcast it are different, so the comparison loses its meaning, plus the years, again, are wrong. Same for the UK, where another heat episode occurred in 1976.

Several heat records in Europe, with over 40°C in the UK

“It’s summer, it’s hot”, Internet users claim. Yes, but “hot” is breaking records, breaking them more and more. This is shown by a graph of the recorded heat waves: they increase in frequency over time. “Of course there have been heat waves in the past, but the big difference with 1976 is what the rest of the world looked like”Frederic Otto said in A communicationAnd the lecturer professor At Grantham’s Institute for climate change From’Imperial College from London. “In 76 there was a heat wave in (Britain), in 2022 there were heat waves all over the world and there were in 2021, 2020, 2019.”

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