TenthPlanet unveils two ambitious Blockchain games

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Tenth Planet, a game studio started by former TikTok gaming leaders, is planning to launch ambitious blockchain games.

The company is working on ambitious games including Mech Angel, a multiplayer online role-playing game inspired by Genshin Impact, and a metaverse digital chat called Alien Meow.



The studio was started by William Wei Chen, the former head of game development at TikTok, and his colleague Kevin Yeung. He started Mokun Technology and sold it in 2019 to owner TikTok Bytedance for more than $250 million. His company’s games have made over $600 million so far. Chen’s role was as head of production.

Chen took the money and launched TenthPlanet to create a series of new games that take advantage of Web3 technology, which uses the blockchain to authenticate unique digital items. Yeung said in an interview with GamesBeat that TenthPlanet has more than 100 game developers working on Unreal Engine and Unity titles with triple A production values.

“We have been building mobile games for 10 years,” Young said. “Our goal is to create games that will last for a decade. We put ourselves in the position of builders of digital nations, and builders of the digital world.

Chen’s former team at Mokun Technology was responsible for creating One Piece, which launched in April 2021 and generated more than $200 million in revenue for TikTok. The rest of TenthPlanet’s management team and consultants worked at Final Fantasy, Forbes, Solana, Tencent Gaming, NHN, and Hashed.

William Wei Chen helped create One Piece for TikTok.

In total, Chen’s ten games have produced more than 200 million users and have managed more than 1,500 game developers. Young previously worked for Morgan Stanley and made various venture capital investments.

While the founders are from Hong Kong, TenthPlanet is a virtual production house designed for “the new gaming economies optimized for digital property, with a deep understanding of blockchain community engagement,” Yeung said. Most of the team is located in Shanghai.

“We believe in the free exchange of virtual assets, decentralized governance of online and real digital communities
Young said. “To build and realize this future of gaming, we have assembled a first-class production team, with a proven track record in gaming/blockchain/VC, with mergers, acquisitions and side releases.”

clockwork angel

The world of Mech Angel.

Self-funded titles include Mech Angel, an Unity-based MMORPG available on both mobile and PC platforms. Young said the mobile titles have completed beta demos, and the team expects to have hundreds of hours of gameplay by the time they launch.

The anime world is similar to the anime style of Genshin Impact, featuring young women fighting Japanese-style mechanical robots. The company has invested more than $6.5 million in the game so far. Young said that the game has player-versus-environment shooting gameplay and is friendly to catch new players. It will also include player-versus-player gameplay.

Mech Angel has already appeared in playable demos on Android and iOS this year. The company is completing a funding round for these titles and is developing in-game wallets, an NFT marketplace, virtual assets, and more. during the second semester. The company will develop a PC beta for the fourth quarter and release the PC beta in the first quarter of 2023.

“We’re about to finish this game and we’re very excited,” Young said. “We have hundreds of hours of play now. As we’ve seen with Genshin Impact outside of Asia, animation is taking over the world right now. You see how much Netflix comes from its animation genre.

TenthPlanet’s Alien Mews planet cat is coming.

Alien Mews is a digital cat life simulation. It’s a digital cat breeding and breeding world built with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. It is a virtual pet game that allows players to try to generate in-game value through reproduction, just like CryptoKitties. Young said the company has invested about $2.5 million in the game so far.

They liberated it as a vast open playground that can house any kind of pet in the galaxy, where players can collect, raise, upgrade, train, tame and participate in competitive mini-games with their new fur.
Companions in the most fun and rewarding metaverse experience ever as Nintendog meets Pokémon.

Each cat is highly detailed and has up to 500,000 tufts of hair. Alien Meow is expected to have a demo video in Q3 and a playable demo in Q4. The goal is to launch a beta version of the metaverse chat in the first quarter of 2023 with several mini-games.

team building

Tenth Planet Mechanical Angel Rain
Rain is the character of Mech Angel.

Young said the company has started raising money from outside game companies. He thinks he’ll be fine as the team has a history of making hit games including One Piece, Fighter of Destiny, Three Kingdom, Project Ragnarok and Heroes of Storm. Most of them were strikes in China.

Other leaders include Tony Hee, Head of Technology, and Vanessa Tsu, Head of Blockchain.
Among the advisors was Yoshihisa Hashimoto, artistic director and producer of Final Fantasy. Jeff Yam from Forbes. Niu Liu, US President of Tencent Gaming; Alex Shen, founding member of Horde; Paul Walborsky, founder of AI Rêverie; and Kate Law, formerly of Goldman Sachs.

Why blockchain?

X Planet X Mechanical Angel Phantom Skeletons
Ghost skeletons in a mechanical angel.

The company is focused on blockchain as it revealed that the needs of mobile users have not been met over the past decade when it comes to exchanging assets within the game. Such trading was “extremely inefficient and opaque,” Young said.

“If you go back a decade, people actually met offline to exchange usernames and passwords with each other and exchange money,” Young said.

Now, blockchain technology will allow players to trade smoothly and transparently.

“It has transformed a pure entertainment experience into one that is both leisure and economic,” Chen said. “Players have invested a lot of time and money in a game and it is a one-way spending experience,” Chen said. “We can’t do it alone. But what has happened over the past 18 months has encouraged us a lot. We believe there will be many partners we can collaborate with.

Chen added, “With or without blockchain, it has its own economy. Blockchain provides us with a transparent platform to eventually make it happen. The second point is that we have a lot of experience in open worlds, as you can see from some of the One Piece game videos that we created. Some of the One Piece assets were Virtualization is very popular among users to buy, so we are excited about a transparent and transparent economic platform that we can finally build with blockchain in the future.

He understands that gamers have expressed their opposition to blockchain technology in games, because they are concerned about increased income or fraud. But Chen said there will be a big difference between Web2 and Web3 players. Not everything in the game will include non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

“It goes back to the basic idea of ​​whether a game is an entertaining experience,” he said. “Our job is to allow you to enjoy the dollars you spend in front of the screen. Players will not have to think about blockchain when playing our game. It will be like any entertaining experience for regular players.

He added, “And if they want a blockchain, they can claim the wallet, and then they can start trading NFTs, virtual assets, virtual land and better accelerating their weapon trajectory.”

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