2035: Will Bitcoin Mining Save the World? [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2035? – our Preferred encoder Will they be gone, or will they be more than ever at the heart of our economy? The Bitcoin blockchain Will you change the face of the world? We enjoyed, through small stories, imagining our lives in the not so distant future. The following story is fictional, fictitious, dystopian, without any pretension to guess the future. Have fun with us with our new summer format too Available on our Twitter. Kick off the DeLorean JDC, the trend of 2035!

The beginnings of an environmental disaster

July 13, 2035 – Unbearable heat, all of France is sweating profusely in the 48°C sunlight. This summer is the hottest ever since we’ve been able to score anything. New sea routes are now being opened through the Arctic, which Canada and Russia aspire to, and which are discussing the merits of their position within the Arctic Council.

7:10 am – In his Parisian apartment, Bastien had his coffee while listening to the news.

– … As you know, nuclear power plants are now closed and will remain so for two years in order to bring them back to the standard level, which is much needed. However, helping out in the summer, we won’t have to suffer from the frequent power outages we’ve seen this winter…

8:15 am – Bastian takes his taxi and then opens his newspaper.

On the front page the benefits of extensive programs to install wind farms and solar panels, planned to conquer the countryside and mountains this year, are lauded. Where there is room.

“Finally, the government is starting to turn to the environment, it’s time! Title of the paper.

– …I can’t say we didn’t warn you! We have been talking about financing renewable energies for years. Why United States and Europe They waited a long time before they reached Mining ? Radio expert regrets.

9:03 am – Bastien arrives at the Hôtel de la Roquelaure and hastily joins his colleagues from the Ministry of Environmental Transition. He has a conf call with the advisory teams in BigBlock Datacenter. The project he’s taking on has just launched, but we still need to start on the right foot. Bastian checks his watch, it’s not early.

Hi Kristen, hello Axl…

“Hello Mister Bello!”

10:15 am – As Bastien pours his second coffee of the day, he recalls recent developments in energy.

The frequent blackouts that occurred last winter delivered an electric shock to the government. In order to put an end to the multiple demonstrations of green jackets, the President announced a 5-year master investment plan to ensure France’s self-sufficiency in carbon-neutral energies, including 50% of the balance sheet in renewable energies.

A goal too ambitious for the announced deadline according to Bastian, but he had no say in the matter. And in the end, it is he who will have to answer for the result. He sighs and then swallows his coffee in one sip, he’s already late for the next meeting.

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Which planet is bitcoin mining saving?

12:30 pm. – Bastien goes down the building and walks one minute to Maison Galland bakery. Ouch, 27 euros for a sandwich… That’s a problem too, Bastian thinks, but fortunately it’s not up to him to solve it. Each cross, as they say.

1:30 pm. – After the third coffee, it’s time for the long-awaited meeting with my representativesEDFAnd the Engy And the total energy.

Part of their production passes now Bitcoin mining machines. Bastian has questions that must be answered.

4:45 pm – A cordial exchange over the phone with his American counterpart. Sharing information about similar construction sites in progress on the other side of the ocean. Americans are not advanced either. Unlike some African countries and El Salvador, Pioneers in the sector.

El Salvador, far ahead of its time, is already mining bitcoin with the power of its volcanoes.

conclusion there. For several years, a rebalancing of economic forces has been underway and this is not going in the direction of France.

7:30 PM – In the return cab, Bastian reflects on the various energy reports that have appeared on Bitcoin in recent years.

As early as 2022, a slew of study reports had already appeared: Sharing coinsAnd the value chainExplaining the numbers that support the importance of mining in the development of alternative energies. The Bitcoin Mining Board He also made his voice heard in the USA by publishing a report and then sending a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency.

“How did we miss all that back then?” Bastian murmured loudly.

Sorry, sir? The driver inquired.

“Excuse me, I was talking to myself.

8:15 pm – Bastian takes a shower and then prepares to eat.

Why was France so ignorant at that time? Fear of the unknown, fear of innovation? Lack of time and resources? She had no more today except that she had no choice now, he thought.

8:30 pm. – Distracting looking at the news on TV.

“… Bitcoin City In El Salvador, where the next International Bitcoin Conference will be held. Michael Saylor Elon Musk will participate in a roundtable on the topic “Bitcoin, why did we not understand from 2022?” »

11:10 PM – lying in bed, Minister of Environmental Transformation sigh. If only his predecessors had acted sooner… he takes one last look at his laptop. On the screen, the weather forecast for the next day announces 50 degrees Celsius in Paris.

Bitcoin mining. Criticism from all sides based on bias conveyed by the media. However, recent expert studies reports tend to show the importance of this new process, with supporting numbers. Thanks to him, a new impetus can be given to Development of renewable energies. Will our leaders realize this in time? It’s impossible to know, even for those of us who went to have a look in 2035 at one of the many futures contracts that lie ahead. Did you enjoy walking?

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