Europe warms three to four times faster than other regions at the same latitudes

A study revealed that Western Europe has been one of the regions of the world hardest hit by heat waves for 40 years. This region of the world is warming 3-4 times faster than other regions at the same latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, due to the change in the level of the jet stream.

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To reduce urban temperatures during summer heat waves, this question must be considered directly from the design of developments, residential or commercial buildings, roads, traffic plans, etc. The European study programme, Urban Fluxes, lays the foundation for building better tomorrow’s cities.

subordinate heat waves More and more intense, and more frequent in Europe, this is the conclusion of a study published in reconsidering temper nature 4 July 2022 : Europe has become a reality hot spot Heat waves over the past 42 years. While California heat and droughtoften making the news, researchers estimate that Europe is warming faster than the western United States and other regions of the world at the same time latitudes in the northern hemisphere. Over the past 42 years, the study authors have in fact estimated that Europe has warmed 3 to 4 times faster than these regions! Scientists point out that waves European temperature is increasing in a “disproportionate” way compared to global warming of the planet and the exact causes are still unknown. waves the heat It is increasing at an extra 0.61 days of heat per decade in Europe, compared to an extra 0.21 days of heat for other regions at the same latitudes, three times faster.

Dual jet stream associated with heat waves

The study confirms a hypothesis put forward a few years ago: air circulation It has been modified, and there is a real correlation between the case Jet and heat waves. The location of this wind corridor that flows from west to east over the Northern Hemisphere affects the location ofair Hot, blocking it over Europe. It happens that the jet stream splits into two parts at the level of Eurasia ( Earth Europe and Asia), “double plane”, this Separation It appears in two more and more frequently according to the study authors. The presence of twin jets will be associated with almost all recent heat waves and heat waves, such as the 2003, 2018, 2019 and 2020 waves.Antibiotics So this warm air over Europe will occur between the northern and southern ripples of these two planes.

The increasingly frequent presence of blockages weather report, associated with persistent anticyclones over Europe, is almost systematically associated with a double jet structure in the troposphere over Eurasia. Moreover, this dual plane affects three main regions more strongly: first Western Europe, then Eastern Russia, and Western and Eastern Siberia.

Western Europe is one of the regions hardest hit by global warming

While Europeans are less concerned about Global Warming From other regions of the world, the study was published in temper nature It underlines the fact that Western Europe, including France, is in fact one of the regions most affected by climate change and that this trend will strengthen over the next few years. Climate prediction models, for the most part, predict warming scenarios in which anticyclones will be more and more persistent in Western Europe, up to the British Isles, favoring increasingly dry and hot weather.

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