Prosimo announces the general availability of its integration with AWS Cloud WAN

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  • Prosimo announces the general availability of its integration with AWS Cloud WAN

  • Integration enables organizations to build resilient and scalable transit for connectivity and segmentation across regions with a standalone multi-cloud solution

SANTA CLARA, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prossimo, an application experience infrastructure provider, today announced the general availability of its integration with AWS Cloud WAN. This follows today’s announcement from AWS regarding the general availability of AWS Cloud WAN. AWS Cloud WAN customers can now deploy the Prosimo platform to build a full-stack, resilient, and scalable cloud transit, providing connectivity and slicing across regions to simplify and reduce operational burdens, deliver better experiences, and lower overhead costs.

“With the addition of these new features and functionality on the AXI platform, Prosimo will be ideally suited to achieve our goals: to enable modern infrastructure capabilities with new AWS networking architectures, such as the cloud WAN, build monitoring capability for applications, and eliminate ( CISO), Flexport.

Organizations can now simplify the way they create and manage connectivity to their various environments in AWS regions around the world, on-premises data centers, co-location facilities, branch offices, and the database. Prosimo:

  • Achieving Flexible Micro Segmentation – AWS’ global network policy is poor and simple by design, for easy management, and doesn’t change often. Accurate segmentation based on policy and security is a requirement for application teams, along with network layer segmentation. Prosimo enables policy setting at the user and individual application level, as well as global Cloud WAN segments.

  • Hassle-Free Connectivity from AWS to Any Cloud – No matter how customers approach their underlying network policy, they will strive for hassle-free connectivity to their data centers, other cloud providers, and where they are located on the edge. Prosimo allows the same underlying network policy model to be extended through fragmentation to any cloud, including on-premises.

  • Modern Cloud/NetDevOps Operating Model – Internal components, such as modern cloud or NetDevOps teams will achieve a higher rate of change. Enterprise teams can integrate Prosimo’s API and Terraform modules into their CI/CD flows to develop and deploy more flexible models, while adhering to security and compliance safeguards, and maintaining operational consistency.

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AWS Cloud WAN offers a standalone multicloud solution

To ensure that their multicloud environment is cohesive and easy to use, organizations must create an intelligent framework that automatically connects applications, services, and networks across cloud infrastructures based on predefined processes, security, and performance requirements. This requires first solving cloud connectivity issues, then building an application transport layer that is both autonomous and autonomous, to reduce the inherent complexity. Combining network traversal and application transportation in a single architecture that simplifies and, most importantly, automates multicloud networks.

One platform to manage everything

The combination of network traversal and application-to-application transport creates a complete cloud infrastructure transition, built on cloud-native architectures, to take advantage of AWS’ global presence, including AWS Cloud WAN. This provides organizations with an easier communication model to migrate and connect Brownfield cloud deployments to deliver consistent, reliable, and secure Zero Trust networks to support critical, latency-sensitive applications for users in any location.

“Our deepening relationship with AWS reflects the growing interest of AWS customers in simplified cloud solutions that go beyond simple connectivity,” said Mani Ganesan, chief product officer at Prosimo. “AWS Cloud WAN and Prosimo provide a seamless, tightly integrated solution for standalone clouds as organizations continue their cloud journeys and modernize their infrastructure.”


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Prosimo provides a simplified multicloud infrastructure for enterprise distributed cloud journeys. Companies innovate faster and maintain control with Prosimo’s integrated infrastructure. This package combines cloud, performance, security, monitoring, and cost management, all backed by data insights and machine learning models with standalone clouds to reduce complexity and risk. Cloud-focused organizations, including those in the F100, have embraced Prosimo to successfully deploy revenue-generating applications, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the delivery of positive business results. Prosimo is backed by several well-known investors, including General Catalyst and WRVI Capital. To learn more, visit

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