Business Communication in the Age of Blockchain with Wiztopic

Wiztopic, founded by Raphal Labb and Jrme Lascombe, has designed a verification service for corporate communications content that authenticates, via a blockchain, the origin and message from sender to recipient. An activity that appeals to many companies, particularly from CAC 40.

Founded in Paris in 2014 by Raphaël Labbé (CEO) and Jéröme Lascombe (Chairman of the Board), Wiztopic has developed its business based on a note: the lack of tools for corporate communication teams and delays in the digital flare-up. transformation in this field. Then the two leaders—first, former head of innovation and digital products at Express-Roularta, and second, founder and president of press agency Hopscotch—contemplated a show that addresses these challenges, and has been commercialized as of 2015. “Sales departments are amazing” well-equipped with solutions, but This is not the case for communication,” emphasizes Jerome Lascombe. “We have built a platform that allows teams to measure the performance of their actions and manage contacts as well as the content, access rights, and authentication of all their documents.”

Available as a subscription, Wiztrust is a service capable of tracking the origin of information sent by a recipient to a sender and ensuring its integrity via an Ethereum blockchain-based certification process. “We guarantee that the information transmitted is correct, whether it is a press release, photos or videos,” explains Jerome Lascombe. The performance of the service depends on verifying the metadata of a hashed document in the blockchain: “A person who receives a document will be able to verify whether the fingerprint of the transmitted document is indeed the original and comes from the correct source,” defines Jérôme Lascombe.

Wiztrust makes it possible to certify the origin and integrity of the press release between the issuer and the recipient and avoid, for example, the rape and transmission of false documents. (Credit: Wiztopic)

Acceleration of activity in the second quarter

Wiztrust supports multiple distribution channels, whether email, newsletter, intranet, social networking publications, newsroom… Among the clients, we find just over 20% of companies belonging to SBF 120 (including CAC 40) including This includes Crédit Agricole, BPCE, Bouygues, Schneider Electric, Engie, Bureau Veritas … but also organizations such as Paris 2024 responsible for organizing the next Olympic Games as well as insurance such as Malakoff and Humanis …

Jerome Lascombe analyzes that “the digitization of companies has accelerated the dissemination of information as well as the transmission of false news by hacking activists or fraudsters.” The context and the need to check the integrity of the sources has been a favorable wind for Wiztopic, although the Covid pandemic has played a spoiler role: “We have accelerated our growth and gained credibility with Euronext, which decided to push our products but there has also been a brake on the wait-and-see attitude in taking The decision is to prepare ourselves, even if we register an increase in our activity since the second quarter of 2022.”

There is no other fundraiser in sight

Quoting these financial results, the group claims to be profitable and sees a 20% increase in revenue growth but does not envisage raising new funds. We raised €3.7 million from our shareholders last year for a total of €5 million since the company’s inception. “We don’t need to refinance ourselves and there’s no selling in sight either,” says Jerome Lascombe. With about forty employees, half of whom are in research and development (engineers, data scientists, product design, etc.), the company plans to hire 5 people in the coming months “depending on the level of growth,” warns the manager. The solution is marketed in 60 countries, and is also used by foreign groups such as Ferrovial, the Spanish construction giant.

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