Quantum Internet dreams come true

German researchers are getting closer and closer to their dreams of deploying quantum communications. explanations.

To understand this new scientific work, we need a little clarification. First of all, according to Albert Einstein, quantum mechanics had to allow two objects to interact over great distances. It’s what he calls “remote scary action,” a theory that has been confirmed over the years.

In fact, when two subatomic particles are bound, they lose their single quantum state and create one unified state. This state is called ‘quantum entanglement’ or ‘quantum entanglement’. Thus, quantum entanglement defines the state in which two particles perceive their nature as similar to each other. Thus, they become completely identical and their states remain related no matter how far apart they are. It is clear that any action performed on one of these particles has an effect on the other particles, even at a distance of kilometers.

Quantum communication at your fingertips

Many scientists dream of making the era of quantum communications a reality. For this, they try to push away the entangled atoms more and more. This is how two German researchers managed to preserve the quantum entanglement between two atoms 33 km away. standard distance.

We are talking here about two atoms of rubidium. They, at the base, were connected by optical fibers and at a distance of 700 meters from each other. Then the scientists stretched the length of the fibers to 33 km and kept the atoms entangled. That is, rubidium comes from “Rubidus” which means “red-brown” in Latin. This soft silver alkali metal is the first element in the fifth period of the periodic table of the elements.

It should be noted that the fact that the experience of German researchers is based on optical fibers for the general public is also of great interest. In fact, the experiment was conducted using existing infrastructures. In other words, the researchers succeeded in converting the wavelength of light particles emitted by atoms into a wavelength that can be used in conventional communications. This is a critical component to advance the development of quantum communications and make hopes for its widespread use more realistic. “The experiment is an important step on the road to a quantum internet based on existing fiber-optic infrastructures”said Harald Winforter, one of the scientists.

How fast and secure internet

Quantum communication could make it possible to better secure our current methods of communication. Indeed, at present, if a malicious person intercepts the communications of one of his victims, he is able to read or listen to them. And without noticing it. A characteristic of a quantum signal is that its state changes automatically as soon as it is observed. This change means that it was intercepted and therefore serves as a warning signal. The purpose is to protect data transmission from hackers. In the journal Nature, researchers report that “Sharing entanglement between distant quantum systems is a critical component for the realization of quantum networks in the future.”

For example, the quantum key distribution protocol, called QKD in English, allows a secret message to be exchanged between two interlocutors. The level of security for this message is a barrier against a data thief or “decryption” capabilities. This is not the case for the encryption algorithms used by current communication networks. “Our results demonstrate the feasibility of entanglement distribution across fiber links for telecommunications, which is useful, for example, for quantum key distribution.”Researchers say.

The more researchers can remove entangled quantum atoms, the more quantum communication will be able to present itself as adapting to our consumption patterns of current communication services. In addition to making our communication channels more secure, quantum communication can also provide faster speed. In fact, information transmitted by quantum entanglement goes faster than the speed of light.

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