This amazing photo was just captured by the pointing sensor!

In less than a week now, the first images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will finally be revealed. To make us wait, NASA today publishes a snapshot taken by the instrument’s orientation sensor. It is quite simply one of the deepest infrared rays in the universe ever obtained.

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The James Webb Space Telescope, a new pioneer in space observation, will be launched on December 18 from Kourou, Guyana. After a 29-day journey, you will arrive at the Lagrange point L2, in the direction opposite the sun. Thanks to its larger mirror than the Hubble mirror, of which it is considered a successor, JWST will be able to observe galaxies, planets, nebulae and stars to learn more about the history of the universe.

revolutionaries. This is the term NASA uses to describe the first Pictures taken with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). To judge for ourselves, we’ll have to wait a few more days. Until July 12. Also, to help us wait, the file NASA Today he unveils an already somewhat crazy picture. One of the deepest imagesThe universe in infrared not obtained. Photo taken… by sensor Score from JWST!

This recording sensor – what you call the difference Precision steering sensor (FGS) – aims to ensure accurate guidance of control objectives from space telescope. And the photos he takes were not meant to be preserved. But during a test last May, engineers realized that was finally possible.

Pointing sensor more useful than expected

The image – the result of 72 exposures over 32 hours, all the same – is not intended to be scientifically exploited. But it’s still amazing. see in the foreground, stars The brightest saturate the detectors and appear as black dots – and their diffraction points. In the background, a group of galaxies. For whom we discover its structure in a rather detailed way. This indicates that images from the JWST pointing sensor could, along with other observations, be of ultimate scientific interest.

The FGS is indeed the only instrument that will be used during every observation of the James Webb Space Telescope, throughout life. He will steer each of them toward their goal and maintain James-Webb with the precision needed to produce…revolutionary images!

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