“How do I feed the world without destroying it?”

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Agriculture at the heart of future questions?

Why farming for the third file? Because its transformation presents a major challenge to our societies, which will have to fight against the obvious and increasingly violent global warming. What effect this planetary phenomenon has on plants, and therefore the animals that feed on them, and which we consume in abundance, is one of the questions that worries researchers and farmers. Will the plant stop growing? the heat stuffy? Will the floods destroy the crops, or will they be reduced by the late frosts, as we have already seen in France and other countries? What is the nutritional value of cereals exposed to extreme heat and Drought ?

Therefore, climate change poses enormous challenges to humanity, particularly through the threats it poses to global food security. To avoid frequent famines, and drivers of political destabilization, many advocate the cultivation of Earth else. How ? by With nature, not against it.as suggested permaculture. Futura met with some of the players concerned with soil restoration. On file pages, also file and visit breeder converted toagroforestry.

“The storm is brewing. It may be hard to dismiss it. But some can teach us to dance in the rain. It will be discovered in the mag de Futura.”
Natalie Meyer, science journalist.

On the list of tomorrow’s cultivation file

Decoding: How do plants transform? metal in issue Alive

Before exploring ways to improve agricultural practices, let us first understand the needs of plants. Immerse yourself in the heart of these wonderful plant machines, capable of transformingairThe light And minerals in organic matter, ie the basis of all living things.

Reportage: When farmers restore soil life

We met two organic farmers, in the Rhone, who surrounded themselves with agronomists and microbiologists to learn how to revive and conserve their lands. The opportunity to learn about the existence of these billions of Microorganisms We live in a wonderful symbiosis under our feet. Where soil-friendly practices create a virtuous circle for agriculture.

Photo Gallery : These little producers feed the world

In the Philippines, in Colombia, in Scotland, in Zimbabwe … around the world in Tyre, Across Gaïa Foundation, are farmers who grow on relatively modest lands and reflect the diversity of agricultural practices and traditions. Praise small scale and agroecology techniques as factors for steadfastness in the face of climate risks.

Investigation : How far can we move the power source?

It seems that transporting food has been the subject of a wide consensus to take back a certain thing independence and reduce the environmental impact of the diet. But what exactly does that mean? At what scale should you move? Will it be necessary to change the diet, repopulate the countryside, preserve solidarity between regions and between countries? We have investigated all of these cases.

Reportage: Agroforestry to bring livestock back to life

In Gers, Nicholas Petty, a poultry farmer, has been collaborating for 20 years the trees on his plots. Soil improvement, animal care, climatic risk mitigation, fodder… The economic and ecological virtues of agroforestry are impressive on a cotton farm. But is it generalizable?

a story : How the birth of agriculture changed the earth

10,000 years ago, our species domesticated animals and plants. The invention of agriculture transformed the landscape, settlement, and demographic explosion of humans. A revolution that could make the Neolithic Age the starting point of our environmental crisis? We return to the ancient archaeological and climatic traces of this decisive turning point.

…and many more topics to discover in the magazine!

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