Cryptoland: Skirmishes Over the “Promised Land” for Crypto Lovers

Some say Cryptoland will be the Disneyland of Bitcoin and Ethereum fans. However, its promoters conjure up a project to conquer Metaverse Island and Nanano Ikek Island. In short, Cryptoland will have both a virtual and a physical presence. It is unfortunate that his administration has not been able to avoid some blunders lately.

What is cryptoland?

The idea of ​​a physical Cryptoland was started by Helena Lopez and Max Olivier. Upon noticing that crypto enthusiasts are fond of digital nomads, the two agreed to buy a veritable island to welcome startups, investors, and other players into the crypto world.

To realize the project, its promoters considered buying Nananu-i-cake island in Fiji. It will be divided into packages selling for $1.2 million, respectively. Moreover, the name “Blockchain Hills” was given to one of the three large parts of the island.

In addition, the other two sections of Cryptoland are named Cryptoland Bay (including premises, hotels, etc.) and The House of DAO (Startup Incubator).

To make this plan known to the general public, the organizers created an animated film. Inside, netizens can appreciate Connie’s performance, and guide corner Elected the mascot of the island. The visit will take place in the most luxurious setting since the ride in a Lamborghini. Furthermore, the toilets replaced their name with “ chitcoin (Toilet paper decorated with US dollars) due to the elusive new cryptocurrency evacuation feature.

A barrage of accusations on social media

Life is not rosy for Cryptoland promoters. Some internet users make life difficult for them. We can cite in particular Molly White, a computer engineer, who pointed out the financing of this huge project.

Max Olivier and Helena Lopez have also been criticized for the size of the island being far from being able to accommodate all of the initially planned subdivisions.

Moreover, Nananu-i-cake revealed the purchase price of $12 million WatchmanIt looks like a trap in the public eye. Many of them deplore the lack of land holding in the name of Crytpoland because the offer is still on real estate ad sites.

As a result, the project leaders had to remove an 18-minute video posted on YouTube due to the sarcastic comments. The video itself already has flaws: the first upload was an incomplete movie of 10 minutes, while the full version was 8 minutes longer. Is it a remake offire festival?

Another strange event: Cryptoland got involved in a battle via tweets against a person who requested the age of consent on the island. Of course, the company quickly apologized with the statements, leaving observers to indulge in all sorts of speculation.

Good to know: Cryptoland will also be deployed in the metaverse in parallel with its construction on Nananu-i-cake (Fuji) Island. A set of NFTs in the image of Cosmic also complement all of these initiatives. While waiting for the project to become effective, its promoters are taking care of their communications, which presents some shortcomings. Such deficiencies will only add fuel to the fire.

Sources: DNA; Queen Market Cap

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