What does a YouTube video look like on an old computer?

A Swede was able to post a video clip on YouTube of a Commodore in the seventies! For this, use the Raspberry Pi Zero, this small computer available for a few euros.

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What could the first computers, released in the 70s and 80s, be used for? Aside from finding a place in the museum not so much… but the Swede by the name Thorbjörn Jemander He wanted to get to the bottom of it, and he got a file Commodore PETReleased 1977. Mission: Display YouTube on the screen. In theory, this is impossible…

Although it is horribly obsolete, this grandfather of Brigadier General 64 It was Healer MOS 6502 is clocked at 1MHz and has a memory of 128K, and its screen, green monochrome, can display 80 lines out of 25, and at that time it was necessary to wait several seconds, even minutes, to start playing a file. The graphic part is clearly not present, and this Swede was tricky to play a YouTube video on the command line.

Don’t expect miracles in terms of quality but a successful DIY. © YouTube, Thorbjörn Jemander

Adapt the video stream to a monochrome screen

It made use of the expansion port, located at the rear, to slide in a cartridge designed around a Raspberry Pi Zero. This mini motherboard costs only 5 euros, and it includes a processor, RAMand… slice wireless. Which allowed him to contact him Internetand thus on YouTube.

It was then necessary to take advantage of a video player capable of converting a 640 x 200-dot grayscale video stream into an 80 x 25-character grid. ASCII from memory Commodore. Obviously this is where it gets complicated, but this handyman got a file Speed Playback smoothly at 30 frames per second. Mission accomplished: You can watch a YouTube video on a file the computer Released… 45 years ago! Proof that he is a real feat, his instructions have already been viewed over 160,000 times!

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