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I discovered Futura subscriptions

Five reasons to subscribe to Futura

1. Browse Futura without ads

This is a feature that can be found in our subscription form” Futura is ad-free We have developed a module that allows you to read your favorite content, without showing ads. Another relationship with the site and better promotion of our content.

2. Develop a more authentic relationship with our teams

On Patreon, teams reveal themselves and open up about their personal stories. In return, we share projects with you or give you the opportunity to vote to help us choose the following topics, podcasts, etc. We do it in this space, because we know we are in a “small committee”, and it is a place of privileged speech and exchange, as opposed to a location where this form of closeness is hard to establish.

Here’s the kind of content you can find on our Patreon account: live exchange with editorial teams and many more surprises!

3. Support independent media

For Futura, the same passion for spreading scientific knowledge remains the same as on day one. During all these years, Futura has continued to develop and diversify its formats, expanding its themes and audience, with more content than ever before at the forefront of current affairs, led by a dynamic team concerned with readers’ concerns.

The media is 100% independent from birth (1Verse July 2001), Futura believes more than ever in these times of growing distrust of science, and fake news, in its primary ambition of quality, accurate and objective (and generalizable) information. We like to remain independent in order to continue to reveal all of these values ​​and to cultivate our readers’ curiosity, critical spirit and wonder. for you Support on Patreon So it helps us fund the teams and the resulting projects.

4. Access to exclusive content

In addition to the more personalized dialogue we have on Patreon, this space is also where we share new content, which have not been published anywhere else, or which have been made public by anyone else. And this is only the beginning, because the more weeks go by, the more editorial production we have!

5. Free subscription, free to unsubscribe.

on us PatreonYou can manage your subscriptions as you see fit, if you want to pause your subscriptions or unsubscribe this is totally possible and you can do it easily Across your account.

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