No Man’s Sky Players Are Inventing Their Cryptocurrency And It’s Not Worth It (But It Supposed To Be)

Have you ever thought that the only person who chose that is No Man’s Sky (Opens in a new tab) Do you really need to make it great is cryptocurrency? Maybe not, maybe not, but some guys did, and they decided to make one. According to this vice (Opens in a new tab) The report, however, is not intended to make money, and in fact the people behind the project hope to keep it worthless.

Cryptocurrency was created by members of Galactic Hub (Opens in a new tab)The No Man’s Sky community running on Discord, Reddit and of course No Man’s Sky itself that aims to provide a deeper co-op experience in deep space than the game does on its own. The group has been around for over five years, building a significant presence for themselves and inspiring other groups to create in-game companies.

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