Make data reliable and transparent thanks to Blockchain

Transparency, True Traceability, Information Relevancy, Three Promises Brands Keep Announcing. But in a world where sorting truth from error is an ongoing challenge, how do we ensure the authenticity of the products and services we consume or use. Based on the Blockchain, Veritise has developed a unique and innovative service.

Blockchain or the new El Dorado for businesses

Every year, the imitation costs billions around the world. If it inspires the plight of companies and small craftsmen fighting this scourge, it also inspires a wide field of opportunity for project leaders. Ambitious projects, able to deploy large-scale solutions aimed at solving equally important problems. Veritise is one of those projects with a vision. The company turned to the Blockchain market to build its services.

Except that the great diversity of this booming market attracts both experts and unskilled businessmen in the subject. Projects appear without realization and act effectively. Far from wanting to follow a trend, to use technology to no avail, Veritise has built on the creation of the next independent generation of Blockchain with the ambition of developing high-performance relevant applications that make sense for businesses and individuals. . Realizing the real problems inherent in counterfeiting, the company began offering a service that catered to concrete needs. The need for transparency, verification, identification, data collection and analysis.

Truth: Making data reliable and transparent thanks to Blockchain Veritis

Towards a more authentic world

Designed and developed by Veritise, the service aspires to bring transparency and honesty in all information to the core of our lives. Blockchain being a technology that remains a mystery to the majority of individuals, Veritise wants to democratize it, and make it accessible to everyone. To protect brands and reassure consumers, this turnkey solution is designed with this in mind.

To do this, the company has built its service around three concrete goals:

  • Verification: Allow brands to effectively combat counterfeiting and immediately collect this or that information on a product. As a customer, it is thus possible to know the origin of the said product at any time, but also to transfer and guarantee its ownership.
  • Identification: Solutions designed to authenticate information on a business card, resume, online review, or even third party identity. Thus, users take advantage of Blockchain to access real information.
  • Data collection: Thanks to QR codes, customers and manufacturers interact with product warranties, ongoing loyalty programs, or even rewards associated with shared responsibility actions.

With this service, Veritise tends to certify the authenticity of physical products and services as well as digital products and creations thanks to the mastery of NFT technology on its Blockchain. The idea is to ensure real customer tracking.

Take advantage of eclectic projects

If in the public mind the tradition relates only to the world of fashion or luxury, then it nevertheless calls itself into a large number of sectors. In this sense, Veritise develops its applications to meet the real needs of companies, whether they come from the aviation, agri-food, wine or automotive sectors. The car also perfectly demonstrates the influence and interest of such a service for brands and consumers. With the current system primarily involving manual processing of inherent vehicle information, mechanics waste time and cannot update data efficiently. By scanning these forms, the app can schedule oil change reminders, brake lining changes or any other action. Thanks to the Blockchain, Veritise makes information immutable and available for consultation.

The company also aims to replicate its solution in the food industry. This growing growing need to consume organic foods can be met or you become aware of the traceability of products through the power of Blockchain. Directly using his smartphone, the user will be able to receive the information he needs before consuming the product. To drive its growth and increase its aura, Veritise is gearing up for a fundraiser. It is possible to participate in this great development by purchasing Veritise tokens at the lowest price. Because the bigger the company, the more value tokens can be earned. Whether you are a cryptocurrency, Blockchain or fintech investor, everyone can become a Veritis investor from €100.

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