This algorithm predicts crimes a week in advance!

American researchers have created an artificial intelligence that is able to predict the crime rate a week in advance in several cities in the United States, with an accuracy of 90%. Far from wanting to identify criminals up front, they instead hope to identify police bias.

The miserable world of cinema Minority Report, where criminals are caught before a crime is committed, may one day become a reality. However, it will not be with gifts like pre-knowledge, but rather relying on artificial intelligence. In an article published in the magazine The nature of human behaviorDeveloped by researchers at the University of Chicago artificial intelligence Able to predict crime level a week in advance within a radius of 300 metres, with an accuracy rate of 90%.

Researchers analyzed crime data from 2014 to 2016 in Chicago by dividing the city into a grid where each square is about 300 meters long on one side. They then succeeded in predicting crime levels for each square for the following weeks. They obtained similar results after repeating the process with seven other major cities in United State.

Artificial intelligence vulnerable to racial bias?

This type of algorithm has been criticized in the past due to prejudices ethnic. The Chicago Police I tested an algorithm to identify people most at risk of participating in it Fireas an aggressor or victim. the problem? 56% of black men between the ages of 20 and 29 were on the list…

The researchers suggest, in their case, that we are a long way from that Minority Report Because their algorithm only predicts crime locations, not People involved. Moreover, in their opinion, their tool can be used to analyze police bias. In particular, they noted, crimes committed in wealthy neighborhoods resulted in arrests more often than in poor neighborhoods, highlighting a biased police response.

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