When Facebook and Instagram censor the term ‘abortion pill’

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following for The Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the Roe vs. valleymany countries have decided to ban the right tomiscarriageThousands of American women are searching for solutions to legal access tomiscarriage. On social networks, associations and individuals post messages to help obtain abortion pills legally through the postal service, and over the past week, it’s simply been one of the most “trendy” topics on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

Social assistance so far censored by Facebook and Instagram Who decided to delete all messages and pictures that refer to abortion pills! News agency We got a screenshot of an Instagram post from a woman offering to buy or mail abortion pills, minutes after a court ruled to overturn the constitutional right to abortion. A message deleted by the social network step by step. The same note in Vice Media that referred to deleting messages on Facebook.

The term “firearm” is uncensored…

To get to the bottom of it, press fromPalestinian Authority I tested this censorship, and posted this message: If you send me your address, I will send you abortion pills. » The message was deleted within a minute and his account was put in the status ” warning Also in the context of this test, this same journalist published the same message, replacing the term “abortion pill” with “weapon to Fire Then “marijuana”. Each time, the post remained online, contrary to Facebook’s policies.

On the second attempt, the journalist’s account was suspended for 24 hours

Next to MotherboardWe have posted various messages to understand this censorship. Thus, the phrases “pain pills can be mailed”, “birth control pills” and “abortion” were not omitted. However, the phrase “Abortion pills can be mailed in” was flagged and removed. On the second attempt, the journalist’s account was suspended for 24 hours.

Repair in progress

When asked by a spokesperson dead He tried to justify this censorship, explaining that Meta prohibits the promotion of the sale of certain items, in particular firearms,alcoholthey drugs and pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, he asserts that Facebook allows content that provides information on how to access the pills. ” Content that attempts to buy, sell, trade, give, order or give away medicines is not allowed, Andy Stone writes. Content that discusses affordability and accessibility of medications is permitted. We found a few cases ofRequest It is incorrect and we will correct it “.

Half a word, Facebook asserts that there is enthusiasm in deleting messages, and above all glaring contradictions because its moderation does not. Bronchi Not for some terms, but prohibited, such as “firearm” and “marijuana.”

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