Google Cloud launched its attack on the French market

The operation to lure French companies to Google Cloud, which provided details of the roadmap on June 30 in the French market. The third strong global player in the cloud with a market share of around 10%, yet the company remains behind the ghouls Amazon Web Services (33% market share) and dolphin Microsoft Azure (22%). But its position still allows it to generate $5.8 billion in revenue (€5.6 billion) in the first quarter of 2022, achieving 44% annual growth.

In full boom, the cloud company is finally betting on France installing its first data centers. The goal is twofold: to accommodate its own growth in activity and meet the demand for data hosting in France. Google Cloud also introduced its joint venture with Thales, called S3ns. The latter must respond to the controversial model trusted cloud » Promoted by the government in 2021. Like rival Blue’s offering (piloted by Orange and Capgemini with Microsoft Azure technology), S3ns won’t come to market before Q2 2024…

Google finally opened data centers in France

While Google Cloud arrived in the French market more than 10 years ago, it does not yet have an infrastructure in the region. The opening was announced today French region », the 34th American company in the world. in the language of region » It houses no less than 3 data centers distributed in a relatively close distance, here in the Paris region.

On the one hand, this opening is a sign of a commercial acceleration of the American giant in France. At Le Figaro, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Corian said that France is a priority country for [eux] » And Google Cloud France General Manager Anthony Sirot completes it in the computer world [leur] The arrival in France coincides with the acceleration of the number of our clients and the need for huge investments and reaching a critical size Google has previously hosted its French customers in its infrastructure in Belgium, the Netherlands and England. Technically, bringing data centers closer together will allow it to reduce response time (the time between sending a computer request and its execution). But this response time (which was announced 5ms on average) was already tiny for the vast majority of companies.

Thus the interest of this openness relates above all to the aspect of data management, ie sovereignty Great topic for clients »French, according to Antoine Sirot. From now on, customers can – within a few days – transfer their data to France

S3ns, the trusted cloud from Thales and Google

The opening of data centers in France brought down a second domino: the announcement of the roadmap for trusted cloud » Based on Google Cloud technologies in partnership with Thales. The latter, announced in little detail in October 2021, now has a name: S3ns.

Offer will depend on S3ns headquarters, servers and data centers, the French operators in a company governed by French law, and wholly controlled by Thales »This was summarized during the presentation conference by Mark Darmon, Deputy General Manager of Thales, responsible for secure information and communications systems. The French company owns the vast majority of S3ns shares, but Google Cloud is also a shareholder. The new company already has tens » Staff, recruitment on a large scale. It will rely on three budding data centers.

Besides this French coating, the software technology will be 100% American. TGoogle Cloud Platform is offered by S3ns »Mark Darmon announces. add that This will allow a simple and fast migration from Google Cloud Platform ». But unlike its main competitor Blue, where French partners will only offer advisory activity, S3ns will rely on a few Thales technology bricks: in data encryption in a sleep state (which makes it possible to protect data integrity against certain types of cyberattacks) and in key management Encryption – Thales is already a partner with Google Cloud on these issues.

Get the necessary SecNumCloud sticker for the sticker trusted cloud »It guarantees a very high level of cyber security. But also, in theory, protection against some extraterritorial foreign laws such as the Cloud Act, which allows US justice to seize the data of any US company. But it does not protect against everyone.

Thus, if S3ns is happy to offer all Google services through a French company, it will be criticized by its opponents trusted cloud »who accuse the state of handing the market over to vital operators — a designation given to an entire group of critical companies — to the US giants who are already crushing the market.

S3ns will marketGoogle Cloud Safe View »

Another problem: Like its blue competitor, S3ns will not be operational until the second half of 2024. Several reasons explain this delay, although it does not correspond to the emergency described by the government while announcing the strategy. trusted cloud » Mid-2021. Mark Darmon justifies this prediction by the time S3ns data centers are deployed, both in terms of hardware and software, but also by operator training. At the same time, Google has to do basic software development to get all the divisions needed to pass the SecNumCloud requirement level, and then it takes time to validate the certificates »he adds.

While waiting for the arrival trusted cloud »S3ns will present a file Google Cloud Platform Secure View »In the words of Mark Darmon. In this context, the new French company will ensure the controls in the premises of Google Cloud, and its management of encryption keys. In other words, it will propose its future offering, but on Google’s infrastructures, it will simply offer Guarantees on data localization and support ». A way for him to actually dominate tomorrow’s market, by insisting on the transition between that view and the view of the future. trusted cloud “. Bleu and S3ns are already in the starting blocks. It remains to wait for the roadmap for other announced shows such as the French Whaller Show and OVHCloud.