Elrond (EGLD) creates the NFT platform for Romania

If people always wondered what are NFTs and Web3 can bring to Today’s institutions answer before our eyes. Romanian administrations almost The opportunity to take advantage of the advantages of the NFT enterprise platform. And the It’s just the beginning. How far will this collaboration between ICI Bucharest and Elrond go?

Blockchains like Elrond are shaping public administration

ICI Bucharest has chosen to collaborate with Blockchain Elrond Network

First, what is ICI Bucharest? The National Institute for Computer Science Research and Development ICI is the largest in Romania. He is mainly engaged in research, development and innovation in information and communication technology. Founded in 1970, the institute is committed to developing a knowledge-based economy in Romania.

ICI Bucharest recently announced that it is developing an institutional NFT marketplace as well as a decentralized Domain Name System (DNS/TLD). In cooperation with the developers of the Elrond Network. ICI Bucharest has chosen the Elrond blockchain to publicize its activities.

First of all, these initiatives are the first of their kind within the European Union and more specifically in Romania. The activities will be carried out by ICI Bucharest experts, in collaboration with the developers of the Elrond Network. The platform will be dedicated to digital assets that take advantage of decentralized identity and NFT technology. It will digitize, transmit and store all kinds of official documents and certificates.

According to Adrian Victor Vivera, Director General of ICI Bucharest, the aim of this initiative is to “To promote and improve cooperation between citizens and institutions with the help of a modern digital framework.” add that Web 3 It can be of great help in transformation public administration efficiency. It cannot be denied that this, because of his speed, ” new web » It will save significant time by reducing bureaucratic activities. Taking advantage of Web3 also saves you costs and overheads.

Good reasons to build on the Elrond?

Why did ICI-Bucharest switch to Elrond Network? Elrond is a scalable network that allows ICI-Bucharest to create a decentralized Domain Name System (DNS). Elrond also allows the creation of top-level domains (TLDs).

ICI Bucharest’s goal, by deploying this layer on the Elrond network, which includes 3,200 auditors, is to improve the security and availability of sensitive public resources. Anticipates and addresses weaknesses in the current centralized architecture. ICI also seeks to overcome the limitations of legacy DNS and TLDs.

However, for its part, Elrond Network is happy with this collaboration. CEO, Beniamin Mincu, stresses that technology’s contribution to governance can only be beneficial.


create a place The institutional NFT market is unique in the European Union and Romania. However, Elrond and Here is Bucharest Optimistic about the contribution of such an initiative to the departments. Here you evoke Bucharest Good reasons to collaborate with Elrond on this ongoing project.

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