Bouygues Telecom’s non-binding 100 GB package is €10.99

New promotions available at Bouygues Telecom! For all those who want to equip themselves with the maxi data package without breaking the bank, you have until 06 July 2022 to subscribe to the 100 GB package without operator commitment for only 10.99 € per month.

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Summer vacation has just begun! If you want to take advantage of this to reduce your mobile plan budget, now is the time to change your offer and possibly move to Bouygues Telecom. At the moment, the operator is offering an attractive discount on three mobile plans without obligation. Package B & You 100 GB It is the most attractive to us. Its price has risen to 10.99 € per month. However, this maxi data display is attractive in all respects. We tell you everything you need to know about this bundle!

B & You 100 GB package at € 10.99: full and unlimited offer at a low price!

The 100 GB package is designed for large data consumers. However, we can say that it will generally be suitable for all customers who are used to spending a few hours or a few minutes a day watching YouTube and Netflix videos, movies or series, listening to streaming music or simply downloading different files.

The offer will also suit frequent travelers to countries in Europe and overseas departments. For connectivity needs in these destinations, the B&You plan includes 20GB of mobile data in 4G, enough to allow you to browse the web, social networks or a GPS app with complete peace of mind when you need to find a specific address.

Finally, connections are unlimited as usual. In mainland France, you can call and send SMS/MMS without relying on all your contacts.
As a reminder, B & You’s 100 GB plan is on Bouygues Telecom’s network that covers 99% of the population in 3G/4G networks. It is also non-binding, giving you the freedom to easily change offers when your needs change.

5 GB and 200 GB packages: other promotions at Bouygues Telecom

If the B & You 100 GB bundle isn’t what you’re after, Bouygues Telecom has two more non-binding bundles on sale until July 6, 2022:

  • For small consumers: B & You 5 GB package at 4.99 € per month with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS plus 5 GB usable from Europe and external partitions:
  • For super callers: B & You 200 GB package at € 14.99 per month with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS plus 20 GB usable from Europe and external sections:

What to remember

  • – B & You 100 GB package on sale at 10.99 € per month;
  • – Mobile plan without obligation.
  • Offer is valid Until 06 July 2022.

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