Arbitrum Odyssey Tutorial: Earn 2 new and exclusive NFTs

The Odyssey continues! – Solving the second layer of Ethereum, Arbitrum launched the Odyssey program. This is intended to guide users through the Arbitrum app ecosystem. In addition, this program has many bonuses, including exclusive NFTs. Let’s go to Week 2 with Yield and GMX.

Arbitrum Odyssey: NFTs to the test

control It is a second layer solution for the Ethereum network. This is intended to migrate a portion of off-chain transactions, based on an optimistic set.

On June 21, Arbitrum launched Odyssey. In practice, this 8-week program aims to explore new protocols around Arbitrum. At the end of each week, program participants may claim one or more NFTs.

Arbitrum Odyssey Program.

The goal of Arbitrum Odyssey is to help users discover the Arbitrum network, by testing protocols hosted on L2 week after week.

To keep you informed of the development of the program, we invite you to follow The official Arbitrum Twitter account.

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Week one review: Bridge Week

We announced last week Beginning of Arbitrum Odyssey With Bridge Week. On this occasion, the bridge protocols were in the spotlight. Users are thus invited to send money to Arbitrum, using the bridge solution of their choice.

It was also an opportunity to learn how to interact with Arbitrum from your Metamask wallet, if you missed this episode, we highly recommend you to check it out.

This was a successful first week for Arbitrum with several important metrics:

  • More than 43,000 ETH has been sent to Arbitrum;
  • Create more than 150,000 new wallets;
  • 280,000 transactions recorded in one day.

Who says the end of the first week, says The first distribution of NFT! You have the possibility to collect your first NFT to participate in Bridge Week on the site Galaxy Eco. You have until August 22nd to claim it.

Arbitrum Odyssey NFT 1
NFT 1 week.

Additionally, if you choose a Bridge Week jump protocol, as we advised you, you are eligible for a second NFT still on the site. Galaxy Eco.

Arbitrum Odyssey NFT Hop Protocol.
NFT hop protocol.

Arbitrum Odyssey Week 2: Yield and GMX

For this second week of the Arbitrum Odyssey, Yield and GMX protocols are in the spotlight. This time, two NFTs were prepared using both protocols.

Week 2: Yield and GMX.
Week 2: Yield and GMX.

First swap on GMX

GMX It is a decentralized exchange hosted on Arbitrum. To get the first NFT from this second week, we’ll go to the GMX protocol. In addition, the procedure that we will be doing there will allow us to do the second step in the yield protocol.

To get the first NFT you need Do one of the following three actions :

  • trade leverage;
  • adding liquidity to GMX’s liquidity pools;
  • Make an instant trade on GMX.

Obviously, we won’t leave you alone in this task. So let’s see together How to exchange ETH for USDC using the GMX protocol.

First, go to the website. Connect your Metamask wallet with funds to Arbitrum.

In the right section, choose the “Swap” section. You will then have to enter the starting asset (here ETH) and the final asset (here USDC).

We recommend that you exchange at least $51 USDC, and it will be used in the next step in the payout protocol.

Judging Week 2: GMX Swap.
Judging Week 2: GMX Swap.

Finally, click on the Swap button and sign the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. And there you have it, I made my first decentralized trading on Arbitrum via the GMX protocol. In addition, you are eligible for the NFT below which will begin distribution on July 5th.

Arbitrum Odyssey NFT GMX

First deposit on return

For a second NFT this second week, we’ll head over to Lending Protocol fruit.

In short, Yield is a protocol that allows cryptocurrency to be stored and borrowed in a decentralized manner.

To validate your participation in Odyssey, you will need to Perform one of the following three actions on the protocol :

  • Provide at least $50 of cash;
  • Lend at least $50 in assets;
  • Borrow at least $50 in assets.

Once again, we will accompany you on this mission. So let’s see together How to Deposit $51 in USDC in Payout Pools. That’s fine, we just made some US dollars by making a swap on

We can then head to the yield protocol. Once on the site, we will connect our wallet and verify that the Arbitrum network is selected.

On the right, we will go to the “Pool” section of the site, which allows you to deposit liquidity into the return pools.

You will then have to select the amount to deposit (more than $50) on the protocol and click on the “Next Step” button.

Second Arbitration Week: Adding Return Liquidity.
Second Arbitration Week: Adding Return Liquidity.

You will then be asked to verify your transaction. Here, you will have to proceed by signing and confirming your transaction on Metamask.

There, you have deposited your 50 USDC into the payout protocol and you will need to be eligible for the NFT below which will start distribution on July 5th.

Arbitrum Odyssey NFT Yield

money withdrawal

To make sure you check your eligibility, we advise you to keep your money in the yield for a few days. You can restore it by going to the dashboard section on the right. You will find adding your liquidity at the bottom of the page. When you click on it, it will take you to a menu to withdraw your money.

See you next week for Week 3 of the Arbitrum Odyssey! On this occasion, we will get our hands on the AboardExchange and TofuNFT protocols. See you next week for more exclusive NFTs while you learn.

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