Drones, the new masters of air in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Futura Remind regularly to use Drone. Used by both the Russian and Ukrainian military, they are a formidable force multiplier, both for recognizing enemy positions and striking them with precision. In the skies of Ukraine there is a whole group of drones of all shapes and sizes. This is the first high-intensity war in which military drones, even from the civilian sector, are used on a large scale.

If drones replace combat aircraft to support ground forces or artillery, this is also due to air defense systems and long-range radar-guided weapons. Neither country, especially Russia, uses its air power on a large scale for fear of heavy losses. More stealthy, easier to fly, and fairly cheap drones can be used by infantry for intelligence or as weapons. Every day we see images on networks of precise strikes on armored vehicles or forces carried out by these drones. On the Ukrainian side, in addition to these intelligence drones, there is also the sky terror, Bayraktar TB2, and Planes Which proved effective in its accurate and devastating strikes against armored vehicles and logistics vehicles during the first weeks of the conflict. The variety of devices is hard to describe all, but Futura gives you an overview of the most commonly used drones on both sides of this conflict, whether they are rotary-wing drones, cruising munitions or fixed-wing aircraft.

From the common people who can hurt

The multirotor drones Businesses, especially those produced by the Chinese manufacturer DJI, are used by the two warring parties for short-range surveillance missions. Despite their low autonomy, they are practical because they can stay for a few minutes hovering To examine a situation or photograph a strike and to ensure its effectiveness. By tampering with them, the soldiers were able to carry them light explosive devices or pomegranate. It’s literal sometimes, but it works. The military also uses 3D printers to create specific cases to house munitions that have been converted from their original use. These accessories are ingenious, but they worry the intelligence services, because they can be well replicated for terrorist acts all over the planet. At Donbass we find DJI’s Mavic range and even its Mini version that weighs 250 grams and can fit in a pocket. This type of short-range UAV is also useful for combat in urban areas for ambushing against armored vehicles. As another model popular with Ukrainians, but also with separatist forces, there is also the American brand Autel and the Evo II group. According to the Ukrainian army, they will bypass the Russian jamming systems.

These aircraft, with a maximum autonomy of 40 minutes, can be modified to carry 30 mm small-caliber Vog-17 bombs. In addition to these UAVs converted from civilian use, the Ukrainians also use small UAVs specially designed for them. apps army. This is the case of the US-designed Golden Eagle by Teal. Autonomy increases to nearly an hour for this consumer model drone, but has an encrypted link and navigation that can do without GPS. This is also the case with the American drones of the Skydio X2 brand.

Aerorozvidka: Ukrainian Air Force of UAVs

In their remote military pilot unit Aerorosvidka Already mentioned by Futura, to carry out attacks on Russian armored vehicles, the Ukrainians use a home-made drone called R18. It is a large, eight-rotor drone that can carry two anti-tank bombs weighing about two kilograms. These drones are a real epidemic of Russian armor.

Both armies also use drones for artillery support. They make it possible to travel several tens of kilometers to facilitate targeting enemy positions. Instead of rotary wing models, these are drones with wings that behave like small planes. among the Russians,Orlan-10 It is almost permanently in the skies of the Donbass to improve artillery fire settings. Futura explained the literal side of this drone, which is often shot down by Ukrainian forces. Its modern version of Orlan-30 is also on the battlefields.

The Ukrainian army also has the PD-1, known as the “People’s Drone”. It can be launched from a catapult, taken off from the runway or vertically. It is used to direct and pursue artillery fire movements Russian forces. In addition to Bayraktar TB2, Turkey supplied Ukraine with its younger brother, the Mini Bayraktar. It has day or night optics and is used for observation. Finally, the Leleka-100 better known as the Stork is a small, highly active drone in Donbass that performs thousands of reconnaissance flights.

floating ammunition

at the level of Gus ammomeaning that the drones have an explosive charge that drops on a target to hit them, the Ukrainian military is equipped with a majority Switchblade 300 and some American Switchblade 600s. These suicide planes were launched into the sky, Across launch tube. Unfold their wings and they will pursue their target. Once they spot it, they sting it. The 300 is less powerful than the 600 and will fail to destroy a heavy tank. Six times heavier, the Switchblade carries 600 a load equivalent to a Rocket Anti-tank. At the moment, it does not appear to have been used in this area yet. Finally, as Futura explained, the American company Aevex Aerospace has modified its suicide drone phoenix ghost So that it meets the expectations of the Ukrainian army. More than 120 units are expected to arrive in the field. Its advantage is that it can stay for six hours inair. If its ammunition does not penetrate the armor of a heavy tank, it can be used to neutralize Russian artillery. Among the Russians, the Zala KYB can be used for reconnaissance and as a suicide drone. The drone can operate independently with AI To lock his target and attack him.

Bayraktar TB2 launch

The advantages of drones are large, fixed-wing aircraft that are highly autonomous, capable of flying high and capable of carrying real missiles. It is so among the RussiansOrionThe UAV is capable of 24 hours and used in reconnaissance and attack missions. On the Ukrainian side, the star is undoubtedly the Turkish Bayraktar TB2. This drone was noted for its affordable price, performance and destructive power for the military with its four anti-tank missiles. laser. Even Bayraktar TB2 got a hit in the country. Since then, it’s been a war of numbers. The Russians state that they shot down 39 planes while Ukraine had only 36. social networks. In addition to this drone, the Ukrainian army operates its own home-made UJ-22. The aircraft is used primarily for intelligence and as artillery support. However, it can carry ammunition. With much smaller dimensions, there are also the punisher Manufactured there also by Kyiv. The drone is used in air strikes with its 75mm bomb. Flexible, and can also be equipped with several other types of explosives.

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