After you create your site, protect it!

“With a quick analysis, if you don’t have an answer, you are probably in danger [d’une cyberattaque] SatelitteWP co-founder Maxime Jobin says. (Image: Courtesy)

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Techno door tip. SatelliteWP has developed a free risk analysis tool, which allows businesses using WordPress to check if their website is at risk of a cyber attack, as well as provide advice to raise awareness among entrepreneurs.

An explicit version of eight questions, called a “self-assessment”, is also accessible for any type of site and gives an idea of ​​its level of risk. Questions like “Do you make backup copies of your website?” and “Do you make necessary updates (server, software, etc.) related to your website?” there.

“With a quick analysis, if you don’t have an answer, you are probably in danger,” says SatelitteWP co-founder Maxime Jobin in an interview with Business. His company that specializes in the maintenance, security, and performance of websites that use WordPress monitors hundreds of websites every day.

With risk analysis [express ou non]’I just want people to be aware,’ the expert continues. If you can get someone with a WordPress site, or not, to do the analysis and take action, that’s it.”

Maintenance is necessary

Maxime Jobin launched his company in 2017 because he noticed that entrepreneurs did not maintain their sites after creating them. “When you launch a site, it doesn’t stop there, but unfortunately a lot of people and web agencies don’t know that,” he adds.

The expert explains that it is often difficult to convince someone to join his service when they have no problem at all. “If you’ve never lost your phone, keeping backups is useless,” he explains.

By doing this, many people become SatelliteWP customers in hindsight. “If you get hacked unfortunately, we might be good with WordPress, we’re not magicians,” Maxime Jobin continues. “If the site doesn’t exist anymore and you don’t have a backup, there isn’t much we can do.”

Therefore site maintenance work should be done frequently and not piecemeal. Moreover, just because you have updated all of your extensions does not mean that the task is complete. And just because an extension needs to be updated doesn’t mean it should.

“[La maintenance de site internet] The expert concludes that this is an area in itself. This is kind of our business [chez SatelliteWP] To see if extensions should be updated without asking questions or waiting for the site to crash.”

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to know if you want to apply the update or not. This can complicate the task of business owners, according to Maxim Gubin.

You are not too young for a pirate

According to security company SiteLock, a website is attacked an average of 94 times a day. And the size of the company has nothing to do. All are in danger. “To think that you are too young to be a target is to misunderstand the intentions of hackers,” says Maxim Gubin.

The expert explains that if previously the goal was to crack the site, now hackers want to use the company’s resources and steal data. Therefore, you will still be able to use the site normally, except that hackers will record the information and transactions that take place there. Or, they will send spam from your hosting account, a technique that can over time lead to your profile being suspended by your host.

Given that this technology does not make the cyber attack visible, it is possible for some to be hacked unknowingly. Maxime Jobin continues: “People think they’re not in danger because they haven’t touched anything on their site, but that’s not true.”

Experts say that hackers are lazy. They will analyze patches made to extensions that have been declared vulnerable and try to exploit flaws on websites that have not been updated. A process that takes less time and technique than searching for potential defects.

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