42 Quebec: Computer training out of the ordinary

Are you passionate about video games, IT, technology or innovation? Are you considering your field of study or do you simply want new challenges?

42 Quebec Internship is the preferred choice for mentoring or re-orienting in the IT field.

The 42nd Quebec Computer Programming Campus opened last winter in the Saint-Roch district of Quebec, and is part of a group recognized worldwide, from Paris to Tokyo, via Rio de Janeiro.

With buildings open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the unconventional approach of Network 42 campuses allows you to evolve at your own pace in order to reach the various digital professions.

Some of the main factors that make the concept so attractive:

– Collaborative, playful and participatory course;

A three-year course that includes two paid internships;

Flexible and personal schedule.

– Free entry for adults aged 18 or over with no prerequisites.

A unique program

This high-level training, related to the labor market, allows you to learn computer programming in a different way by following the principle of a video game.

With stimulating missions, you will have to collect experience points to get access to new projects and thus develop your professional skills.

In this way, you not only have the opportunity to participate in concrete projects – in the form of lessons – but you can also collaborate with your colleagues to solve specific situations.

Without a fixed schedule, the educational solution offered by 42 Québec encourages students to develop their independence, resourcefulness, a spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance, and their critical thinking and creativity.

Two-part course

42 Quebec: Computer training out of the ordinary

This training is offered free of charge thanks to the financial participation of the Government of Quebec, through the Partners Committee of March du Travel as well as Quebec City, and this training will ensure a promising succession for Quebec companies.

Furthermore, 16 private companies in the Quebec region also contribute to the student curriculum by offering, among other things, workshops, conferences, and orientation.

common trunk: It allows you to tackle the basics of computer programming – the essence of which is learning to code – to follow the same path as your peers. At the end of the common core, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge during an initial internship at the company.

Specialization: Depending on your interests, you can undertake projects according to the topics of your choice, such as artificial intelligence, security, web development, video games, entrepreneurship and more. You will be able to put all your knowledge to the test during your final internship.

Registration: 3-step process

42 Quebec: Computer training out of the ordinary

Do you have the perfect profile to enroll in the next cohort who will begin their training in Fall 2022? Just follow these few steps to get started with the admission process:

1. Create your online profile at 42quebec.com.

2. Participate in an introductory meeting where you will get all the necessary details to proceed with your application for admission.

3. Participate in The Pool, a 26-day immersive programming experience that will open doors to the program and will take place on 42 Quebec campuses.

Once you have completed these three steps, you can begin your studies!

Powered by Quebec Digital42 Quebec Internship prepares you for a stimulating career in information technology. Start the registration process now To be part of the following cohort.

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