List of things to do in order to move

How do you make a successful move and make sure that everything goes smoothly? Everything must be carefully planned. To help you craft SFR . News It gives you a list of things to do in order to get moving.

Is enough ! After spending several years in the same apartment or in the same house, you finally decided to leave to new heights and move to a new city or a bigger residence. Problem: It’s been a long time since I’ve done this sometimes strenuous exercise, and I’m not quite sure where to start. However, organization is the most important component to finding your way around and avoiding missing out on an essential step. So, from ending your power subscriptions, passing through moving your internet box, to emptying the boxes, here is a list of things to do for a successful move.

Three months before moving on: the first preparations

Let’s start from the beginning, three months before moving, because yes, you have to plan ahead and Select the exact date of your move. A first step that allows you to see more clearly over the next few weeks is to organize yourself well. This gives you the opportunity to Submit a Notice of Residence With your landlord, if you are renting a property. Note that it must be submitted three months in advance if you are renting an unfurnished dwelling, and only one month if you are renting a furnished dwelling. Anyway, it shouldn’t be done at the last minute!

This progression you make in your step gives you a great opportunity to start the first preparations and Take care of the logistics Upstream: Slowly start packing the first boxes, for all the things you won’t need for the next three months, make sure you have enough containers for all your belongings, rent the truck that will be used during a move and contact a moving company, and if necessary, start testing the waters with your friends To find out who can help you with D-Day. But above all, the most important: Don’t panic ! If you start doing it three months ago, you’re on schedule.

Summing up, three months before you move, you should:

  • Set move date
  • Submit the residency notice to the owner
  • Take care of the logistics (boxes, trucks, movers or friends)
  • Most importantly, do not panic.

A month before moving on: we get to the heart of the matter

It’s been two months since you made the previous preparations. You move in about thirty days, so we get to the heart of the matter. Now is the time to Really start and comment on squares to find everything. Which should keep you busy. We take the opportunity to do some sorting, either now or never!

But especially now the bulk of the administrative work has begun. 30 days before moving is the right time Contact the electric and/or gas utilities that administer your existing contracts to terminate them And programming new contracts for your future housing so that you don’t find yourself without lighting, heating and hot water on the first night. It’s also the perfect time for Notification of different organizations, such as banks, insurance companies or even your employer, to change your place of residence in the future. One month before moving on, we also take the opportunity Mention which friends will come to help you move your chests The fateful date when their little arms will be in demand may soon arrive!

Summarizing, a month before you move, you should:

  • Start squares and pin them to find them
  • Termination of gas and electricity contracts and scheduling of new contracts
  • Notification of various organizations (banks, administrative, employer, insurance, etc.)
  • Remind friends of your move date

20 days before moving on: D-Day is approaching

After the electricity and gas are taken care of, it’s time to start moving your internet box. Do not panic, although it is a very necessary process, it is really quite simple! 20 days before you move, all you have to do is Call SFR at 1023 to report your move date and new address From your future home, and everything will be done for you. SFR will keep you informed of the progress of your file by SMS to avoid surprises. Do not hesitate, if possible, to contact the person who will occupy your future dwelling to inform you of the already open line and, if necessary, if optical fibers are already installed there or not. It would be a shame to miss out on speeds up to 50 times faster than ADSL. Should a problem arise, don’t worry, you can always take advantage of continuity of service as an SFR customer.

Before doing the big cleaning and small repairs, as well as thawing the freezer well, to prepare the stock, Don’t forget to forward your mail. This may be a detail to you, but after a few months, it will mean a lot. without falling into inconveniences, A simple reminder for friends who will come to help you movecan not hurt.

So summarizing, 20 days before your move you should:

  • Call SFR at 1023, stating the date of your move and your future residential address
  • Mail forwarded
  • Don’t forget the inventory (big cleaning, small tasks, defrosting the freezer, etc.)
  • Remind friends to come and help out on D-Day

D-Day of the move: Here we go!

The scary day has arrived: you’re on the move! So don’t forget to stretch well before carrying the boxes, this isn’t the time for a muscle strain in the middle of moving the washer. By the way, don’t forget to pack a small travel bag with the essentials, sometimes it can take longer than expected!

It’s also the right time at last Collect all the keys before you bring them back once and for all. Take a mental picture of your home, and get your tissues out in case there’s a small tear: this is the last time you see your home.

finally, Don’t forget that you have an appointment with the SFR technician To transfer your internet line. It would be a shame to miss all these steps to miss the boat on the big day.

Summarizing, on the day of the transition, you should:

  • Stretch well before carrying the boxes
  • Prepare a small travel bag with the essentials
  • group keys
  • Don’t forget the appointment with the SFR technician

After the transition: It’s not over yet!

You think it’s over? Well, no. But don’t panic, your pain is coming to an end. First we start with taking a deep breath: You just overcame a major ordeal by coming out of it in a semi-professional way. But you still have some administrative steps to take. first of all, change your address On, or directly at the Town Hall at your new address. Then you have to Registration in the electoral rolls, the kind of detail that we often (too often) let go of. It would be a shame to miss the next election or have to go such a long way to vote on Sunday.

And then? All you have to do is organize a pizza soccer evening on RMC Sport with friends who have come to help you get moving. This concludes the list of things to do for this step. Next step: a housewarming party. We hope you will invite us…

Let’s recap, after moving on, you have to:

  • take a deep breath
  • Change of address (on or in the city hall for the new address)
  • Registration in the electoral rolls
  • Organize a pizza night / football match on RMC Sport with friends who came to help
  • Invite us to a housewarming party

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