The top ten for 2022?

The NFT metaverse is a digital world where you can buy land, open your shop, and take the form of your favorite cartoon character, among other things. With the blockchain revolution, NFTs are now afloat, which seems to open a winding and powerful path for the development of the Metaverse. If you want to make great discoveries, here are the projects with a huge scream.

Axi Infinity

Inspired by Pokemon, Axie Infinity Metaverse NFT is a world of role-playing. Depending on the game mode, players fight against each other. They use axes to fight each other. In Metaverse NFT there are different virtual islands, there is an inner icon called AXS, and there are these avatars called Axies.


Sandbox is a product of Metaverse NFT Just like Ethereum which includes tools like Solidity to encrypt smart contacts, Sandbox uses the same philosophy and provides a platform for users to create games. It’s a Metaverse with escrow access to digital assets, NFTs, and smart contracts and is one of the best games out there.


Illuvium is another example of a governance-based Metaverse NFT built on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, players, called Illuvials, in an alien world, team up to save their land, and battle with other teams. And the in-game currency is a cipher token called $ILV,


With its rapidly growing community base, it’s making waves in the Metaverse market. His idea for Metaverse is called MetaverseMe, a mixed reality platform that allows people to create avatars in the real world, using AR technology.



Decentraland is the NFT metaverse project that allows players to truly immerse themselves in the game. Compatible with internet browsers and virtual reality technology, Decentraland relies on the Ethereum blockchain to control the purchase and sale of virtual real estate, which is called land.

star atlas

Star Atlas offers its own version of the NFT metaverse on these concepts. Star Atlas presents MMORPG is a multiplayer online role-playing game that gives you the ability to create a character, a spaceship and explore space in the style of an open world game.


You can be your own “hero” in Metahero, which features ultra-high-resolution photogrammetry to transport you into the game, as well as real-life locations. In this metaverse, you are likely to come across gaming, fashion, medicine, NFTs, social media, and VR/AR capabilities.


CryptoVoxels is another metaverse similar to Minecraft. Developed by a New Zealand company and listed on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoVoxels is one of the least innovative metaverses on this list. However, what it lacks from an aesthetic point of view it makes up for in variety and gameplay, being categorized as a money strategy game.


Somnium space

Somnium Space features a metaverse similar to The Sims. It is an open world virtual community that you can interact with via PC or mobile. However, to fully enjoy the experience and immerse yourself in the game, you can connect it to a VR headset.


Aurory is a Metaverse NFT strategy game based on the Solana series. It is similar to Illuvium, with its exotic environment, and Aurorans as tradable NFTs. It is the best selling NFT on Solana Channel. Its token is $AURY and it predicts managing different types of game modes. It’s perfect for getting started in the metaverse!


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