Strengthening the capacities of investigative and prosecutorial bodies – the Sahel region

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As part of implementing measures to enhance cooperation and build capacity of actors involved in combating money laundering, terrorist financing and arms proliferation (AML/FT/P), the National Financial Information Processing Cell (CENTIF-Niger) continues capacity building activities for actors involved in the fighting. Yesterday, the Foundation organized With the support of the European Union in Niamey, a workshop for investigative authorities.The aim of this training is for the participants to have the necessary skills to open up and systematically carry out parallel investigations when a basic crime has been revealed.The opening ceremony of the work was presided over by Mr. Nyando Daouda, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization In the presence of the President of CENTIF in Niger, Mr. Taher Hassan and a representative of the European Union.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Nyando Daouda noted, first of all, that the Niger Mutual Assessment Report adopted by the GIABA authorities in 2021 had highlighted the main shortcomings of the national anti-money laundering and terrorist financing mechanism, in terms of technical compliance and effectiveness. According to him, under these major shortcomings, a decrease in the specialization of the authorities was especially noted

Investigation and Prosecution (AEP) on the matter.

In addition, it appears from this report,

The practice of investigations into money laundering and terrorist financing is recent and not yet widespread. He declared that this situation negatively affects the effectiveness of our national system for combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior and Decentralization also called on the participants that in light of these results, the participants in this workshop should be present.

Able, at the end of the training, to understand the phenomenon of money laundering and terrorist financing; Familiarity with national and international legal instruments in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing; Mastering anti-money laundering and terrorist financing investigation techniques and parallel investigations; Learn about the framework of national and international cooperation. He also commended the initiative and encouraged CENTIF to continue relentlessly on this path.

Previously, the head of the structure responsible for financial information of the administrative type, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Taher Hassan, informed in his welcome letter that the National Financial Information Processing Unit (CENTIF) is also responsible for receiving, analyzing, enriching and processing suspicious transaction reports from persons subject to proof The criminal nature, origin or destination of financial transactions or operations.

According to him, the relevant structures participating in this training as Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Authorities (AEPP), have a key role to play in the context of enhancing the effectiveness of the repressive component of the national anti-money system. Laundering and terrorist financing. He added that with regard to this last aspect, the Center is strongly committed to activating capacity building activities for all actors involved in combating money laundering and terrorist financing so that the fight against these pests is more successful. “We are convinced that the implementation of capacity building activities for all actors will enable the national AML/CFT system to be more dynamic and achieve more results. We have programmed a series of training workshops that will not only interest the actors at the central level, but also at the central level. Also decentralized. A circular mission has also been planned in all regions, in order to raise awareness and train existing actors in the region,” said Mr. Taher Hassan.

Finally, he expressed his deep gratitude and sincere thanks to the European Union not only for agreeing to fund the current workshop, but also for all the sympathy towards them.

By Sini Seydou Zakaria (@onep)

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