Podcast Hashtag Trends, June 23, 2022 – RIP Internet Explorer, union at Apple, bots at Amazon, and virtual reality reduction. | informational guidance

Podcast Hashtag Trends, June 23, 2022 – A memorial to Internet Explorer, a union at Apple, a standalone bot at Amazon, and more virtual reality according to Meta.

Welcome to Hashtag Trends, your weekly roundup of the hottest tech topics on social media. Today is Thursday 23 June 2022.

Monument to Internet Explorer

Last week we announced that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is being discontinued after 27 years of existence. Well, it seems that the event affected some users more than others. Thus, Kiyoung Jung, a 38-year-old South Korean engineer, decided to erect a funeral monument to the navigator.

A dark-colored tombstone is installed on the roof of a cafe in Gyeongju. It contains the well-known navigator’s motto and his “birth” and “death” dates, August 17, 1995 and June 15, 2022, respectively. Tool for downloading other browsers »

Syndicate at Apple

Employees at the Apple Store in Towson, Maryland, voted overwhelmingly to form a union. This is a first for Apple, which has so far succeeded in discouraging attempts to form unions.

Of the 110 affected store employees, 65 voted in favor of the union while 33 voted against it, according to a tally broadcast live by the federal agency responsible for overseeing polling.

The group of employees that led the union campaign is demanding a say in the setting of wages, working hours and safety measures. The relevant staff should therefore establish a new branch of the IAM as soon as the agency has validated the results.

Autonomous Robot on Amazon

Amazon just announced Proteus, the first fully autonomous mobile robot. The device is intended for transporting large vehicles in its warehouses. Amazon says it can safely move around human workers, unlike some older robots that operate in separate areas of its warehouses.

Amazon also notes that Proteus robots have “advanced security, perception, and navigation technologies.” A video released by the company shows the robots displaying a green light in front of them as they move. When a human enters the beam, the robot stops moving, and then resumes its trajectory after it walks away.

More realistic virtual reality according to Meta

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, recently revealed a batch of VR headset prototypes. The company is seeking to develop a headset that can effectively “convince” the visual system that what you see there is actually real. It asserts that what is seen there is indistinguishable from reality.

Four major visual challenges VR headsets will need to address before a Turing visual test can be determined: altered focus, distortion, retinal resolution, and extended dynamic range. Helmet prototypes provide proof of concept for potential solutions to these challenges.

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