Joshua Bengio enters “Le Petit Larousse”

The dictionary will be entered by the famous researcher Yoshua Bingyu, one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence Photographer Betty LaRose. This is a new honor for the researcher in Quebec, who has already amassed a long list of awards.

Joshua Bengio is a “Canadian computer scientist” born in 1964 in Paris, can we read in the pages of the new edition of the dictionary.

“This is an introduction to artificial neural networks and deep learning Developed machine learning technology used in voice recognition for phones and language translation. It is also concerned with the issues raised by the applications of artificial intelligence,” as will be recorded. deep learning is, according to larusA technique based on artificial neural networks that allows a machine to learn on its own.

The scientific director of the Milla Research Institute and a professor at the University of Montreal welcomed this news “with a bit of disbelief”, and admitted before a small panel of journalists, saying that he was honored despite everything.

To choose the characters that will get a place in the dictionary, they are responsible for Little Larus It is based on four criteria, namely, “a person’s bad reputation in France, in French-speaking countries and in the world, as well as longevity, legality and accessibility of his work, actions or discoveries”, mentioned in a press release.

consecutive rewards

In the entry for Mr. Bengio, the dictionary also mentions that he was awarded the prestigious Turing Prize in 2018 along with researchers Geoffrey Hinton and Jan Lucon. But this is far from his only reward.

This year, Joshua Bengio was awarded the French Legion of Honor as well as the Princess of Asturias, one of the most prestigious awards in the Spanish-speaking world – two awards that make him particularly “warm to the heart”, given his French and Spanish roots. The grandparents of this French-born, born to Moroccan parents, are from Spanish-speaking Sephardic families.

“All these awards, I wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago. It is always good to get these recognitions,” he says, emphasizing the importance of staying humble in these situations. Mr. Binggio notes that scientific progress is not the fruit of just a handful of people, it depends An entire community of researchers and students.

on entering Little Larus Iclear, Joshua Bengio joins other Quebec figures, such as the late surgeon Lucille Tisdale and endocrinologist Michel Chretien. About 300 Canadians, including about 30 Quebecers, appear in the pages of the picture book.

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