French Army Tests Ghost Robotics

Made by startup Ghost Robotics, the military equivalent of the popular Spot Robotics robot dog will soon accompany French soldiers in the field. Initially, however, this technology will be tested.

Mad about military robot dogs

In 2021, we were talking about a robot dog with a sniper on its back, which is a concern for some experts. It was the Vision 60 (V60), a machine designed by Ghost Robotics, a company whose work is somewhat similar to that of Boston Dynamics. However, the difference is colossal, as the second has never armed its own robots. In February 2022, Ghost Robotics returned to center stage. This time, it was about cooperating with the United States Homeland Security in the framework of Robot dog patrols Police men On the border with Mexico.

From now on, it appears that the French military is also interested in the V60, as explained in an article by L’Express on June 14, 2022. The newspaper gave an interview to Fabien Lastretto, Head of Ocean Protection at Scopex. However, the latter is marketing a version of the robot dog Include anti-intrusion software.

Credits: Ghost Robots

Why does the French army care about that?

It turns out that unlike Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot, the V60 has one distinct advantage: its autonomy. In fact, the latter has a battery that allows it to work 3 hours 30 instead of 1 hour 30. And if the French army is interested in this technological focus, then this is not the result of chance. In fact, Ghost Robotics claims to have already Deliver at least 200 units From V60 to several countries. In the United States at Tyndale Air Force Base (Florida), machines patrol in pairs. Officials seem satisfied with their role in monitoring the site and spotting anomalies. The V60 engine achieves its goals independently thanks to a Artificial intelligence with sensors.

According to Fabien Lastreto, the V60 is agile, as well as capable of climbing stairs. In addition, it will be equipped with a boom in the aft next year. Obviously, this kind of equipment can replace a human in a framework Unrewarding tasks. In fact, who really wants to run in circles or watch the horizon for hours on end?

Furthermore, the V60 can act as a searchlight thus Soldiers outrun humans directly on the battlefield. The French army has already deployed four of these machines in Mali, in its “mule” version capable of transporting equipment in order to assess logistical constraints. The army also conducted tests for fake mine clearance operations It is intended to draw conclusions regarding the suitability of this equipment.

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