Benin: Arsène Mahougnon DANSOU’s mission as Managing Director of the International Bank for Industry and Commerce (BIIC)

Arsene M. Danso Caisse Autonome d’Amortissement (CAA) since October 2018, is now the new Managing Director of the International Bank for Industry and Commerce (BIIC). The appointment, issued by a decision of the Council of Ministers on June 15, 2022, is a promotion for this illustrious CEO who until then was responsible for managing the public debt in Benin under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

A financial engineer, with a Master’s degree in Accounting, Science and Financial Technology (MSTCF) from the Catholic University of Central Africa (Cameroon) and a Master’s degree in International Finance from the NEOMA Business School in Rouen, France, Arsène Mahougnon DANSOU will be responsible for leading the BIC To invest to provide a tangible response to the financing of the economy in a difficult context. Another challenge for this professional with 17 years of diversified experience, particularly in banking, structuring infrastructure finance, energy, agro-industry, credit insurance and sovereign debt management.

BIIC aims to become the leading bank in Benin in terms of balance sheet size…

The International Bank for Industry and Commerce, which was born two years before the merger of the former BIBE and the former BAIC, aims to be a tool for financing and sustainable economic development in Benin. The second largest bank in Benin in terms of balance sheet size, BIIC aims to become in the medium term the first bank in the Benin market and the privileged partner of all productive sectors of the Benin economy in general and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. BIIC’s goal is to offer innovative financing solutions to economic players and young entrepreneurial leaders adapted to the realities and constraints of their sector of activity.

With a range of diversified products and services to be put into practice, the BIC wants to be a leading catalyst in terms of contributing to the creation of added value by supporting the agro-industrial transformation sector, among others. The organization is also working on bringing digital services to market very soon for an innovative customer experience at its counters.

Job profile

The new CEO of the Bahrain International Investment Center has strong skills in engineering and financial analysis, in structuring innovative finance, risk management, credit insurance and political risk, as well as in managing public debt. With rich experience in the auditing and accounting sector (in Cameroon); In banking (in Cameroon and Benin), in private equity (in France) and in credit, investment and political risk insurance on the African continent (based in Kenya), Mr. His challenge will be to make the BIC the bank of innovative solutions to the financing needs of the economy.

Suffice it to say that the Director arrives at the Bahrain International Investment Center backed by the success achieved in the Civil Aviation Authority where, as Director General of the organization responsible for managing public debt, under the leadership of the Minister of Economy and Finance, he embodies the reform of the institution, the implementation of the debt strategy of the state, and the effective management of the debt portfolio Public debt, monitoring and control of the sustainability of public debt.

Under his leadership, Benin and the Civil Aviation Authority received many advantages for the quality of debt management and the innovative nature of the financing structures implemented.

Among others, we can cite the following:

• Bonds, Loans and Sukuk Awards – Africa (2022)

. Best Sovereign Finance Agency and Treasury for the year 2021.

• “Deal of the Year in Africa” – The Banker (Financial Times) (2022)

Excellence related to the issue of international bonds dedicated to financing projects with a strong impact on the sustainable development goals.

• Bank HeatMap Debt Transparency Debt Management Transparency Rating: 1st of 76 countries eligible for IDA financing for 3 consecutive years since 2019.

• Improving the Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) index in 2020, which is the best positive development in a decade thanks to the high quality of debt management.

Prior to joining the CAA, Arsène Mahougnon DANSOU was a regional guarantor responsible for the Francophone Africa portfolio at the Commercial Insurance Agency in Africa (ATI-ACA based in Nairobi, Kenya), where it was seconded to the Government of Benin.

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