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Sovereign cloud hosts data and applications according to and respect the jurisdiction of the country. This helps protect data and controls access to sensitive information.

Gone are the days of big investments in computers. Now, cloud computing is the solution that most companies have adopted for data storage and application deployment. But it also raised questions about data protection and privacy. Sovereign Cloud addresses its concerns while supporting the nation’s digital economy.

What is a sovereign cloud?

In simpler terms, a sovereign cloud is an online storage service that operates exclusively in a particular country or region. It is a concept consisting of Complies with legal standards in effect with regard to the protection and confidentiality of data.

In other words, the providers and users of the Sovereign Cloud inhabit in the same area. The hosting, management and infrastructure must be in the same jurisdiction.

The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Culture define the Sovereign Cloud as “A deployment model in which the hosting and all data processing by a cloud service is carried out virtually within the national territory by an entity governed by French law and in the application of French laws and standards“.

Sovereign Cloud is for vendors and service providers who collect, store, and manage data across multiple countries or regions.

How important is the sovereign cloud?

In 2021, 41% of European companies used cloud computing, and by the end of this year, this number is expected to reach 60%. It is known that most One of the best cloud services It is supplied by the giants of America.

But hosting the data in another country may lead to legal disputes. This is the case even if some of these major suppliers have subsidiaries in Europe.

In fact, thanks to the Cloud Act, other countries involved in the use of online storage services are subject to the laws of the United States. But this goes against Europe’s notion of digital sovereignty.

Among other things, Digital Sovereignty obliges the service provider to ensure the security of the data entrusted to customers. This is to protect the confidentiality of information against intrusion. Likewise, customers must ensure thatNo third party will be able to use or access the data.

Thus, the introduction of the sovereign cloud aims to eliminate dependency on third countries and reduce the risk of access to critical data. This becomes even more important because the cloud is an essential component of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

tool of economic warfare

On the other hand, some governments are taking advantage of the privileges granted by laws similar to the law of the cloud under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This leaves a window open to the risk that data in the hands of a third country may be used for purposes of economic warfare.

Thus, the sovereign cloud makes it possible to protect customers by reducing the power and influence of foreign countries. In other words, it is Preserves data in a trusted environment while unleashing its true value. In fact, the sovereign cloud offers the same benefits as the cloud, but with the added guarantee that the law protects the data.

What are the advantages of a sovereign cloud?

In short, all the advantages of the sovereign cloud are reduced to control. But to understand what is at stake, we will explore this in detail. In addition to protection, it helps with range and compliance while improving performance.

data protection

Thus, the main concern that has led to the implementation of Sovereign Cloud is data security. Companies manage a huge amount of data. But some data are more sensitive than others. More precisely, there are public data and confidential data.

Moreover, this difference in level also pertains to the sectors affected by the data. In particular, it may beone or more peopleFroma company or The whole nation. Thus, the sovereign cloud protects data classified as critical, according to these different levels.

This includes, for example, IP addresses, geolocation data or credit information. This data is subject to the laws of the states or regions in which it is collected and stored.


The cloud computing market is largely dominated by Americans. Sovereign Cloud offers companies and other countries the opportunity become independent of hyperconstriction.

In addition, it helps to speed up the speed of application execution and data migration. The applications are independent. This gives companies the ability to switch vendors without losing performance or destroying security.

Compliance with the law

Again, Sovereign Cloud enables compliance with applicable law in a particular country or jurisdiction. Here is a question General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)which was introduced by the European Union in 2018. The state therefore has a say in how data providers manage data in their jurisdiction.

Note then that being in compliance with the law also means being responsible. On the other hand, suppliers are responsible for data security and protection. On the business side, data collection and dissemination are also subject to regulations.


Disinvestment from major recognized sellers may raise concerns about underperformance. But the sovereign cloud makes it possible to retain the same advantages in terms of flexibility.

In fact, it is an efficient, scalable, more compatible and secure solution. Even better, it offers the possibility Unlock the real value of the dataand entrusting them with a framework specifically designed to maintain their confidentiality.

The Sovereign Cloud: European Initiatives

In addition to these many benefits, the sovereign cloud supports the economic growth of the respective country. It helps in strengthening digital resilience at the national level. Note that some premium service providers ensure compliance by designing contracts that take into account European laws.

But Europe has also implemented sovereign cloud initiatives to encourage companies to opt for more substantial solutions.


The project GAIA-X, an initiative of Germany and France, consists in creating an environment that promotes digital sovereignty, especially online storage. It aims to encourage innovation by giving European service providers control over the data of European companies and citizens.

Thus, the sovereign cloud created as part of this initiative meets the criteria for digital sovereignty. In other words, data is collected, stored and shared in a trusted environment.

This allows both governments, as well as other European nations, to remain competitive against the intrusive power of foreign nations, in this case the United States.

T-Systems and Google Cloud

Another initiative, launched by Google Cloud with T-Systems, was launched in Germany in September 2021. The project consists of Create a sovereign environment within an existing ecosystemTaking advantage of the complete services and infrastructure of Google Cloud.

Among other things, T-Systems ensures the cloud’s compliance with European standards for data protection and digital sovereignty. This allows businesses to enjoy both the benefits of Google’s public cloud and sovereign cloud.

Switching to the sovereign cloud?

Cloud computing has become essential, whether for companies embracing technologies like artificial intelligence or simply for storing large databases. But security restrictions as well as geopolitical context Mediation between the best cloud service providers and enterprise customers.

So the sovereign cloud is presented as a way to ensure data protection. But it’s also a way to gain immunity from foreign laws and to be more technologically innovative.

Therefore, creating a sovereign environment begins with identifying sensitive and confidential data. In other words, the goal is to reduce all risks of data access or use by third parties.

This thus means establishing an organization responsible for data confidentiality. Likewise, it is necessary to carry out an impact assessment before creating the storage environment.

Ultimately, sovereign cloud is all about managing the right apps and data in the right ecosystem, in compliance with standards.

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