To finance its orchards, La Compagnie des Amandes raises funds and selects convertible bonds

Bringing the growing almond sector back to life is the bet and business venture launched by François Molias and Arnaud Montbourg in 2018. While we haven’t talked (much) about food sovereignty, the difficulties of supplying French almonds – requiring the use of imports, primarily from California – validated the idea of ​​building The tricolor sector serves companies, especially those in the confectionery industry.

Accompanying the ripening of almond trees

Except that rebuilding the almond production chain takes time. Because the almond tree Reach full production after 6 years What it takes to earn hectares. But to harvest hectares, you need financing. And then a new committed round table.

But there are no business angels or call for an investment fund. To raise the million euros needed for their development, small and medium-sized companies have opted for crowdfunding and even more original, to choose convertible bonds. A financing method that corresponds, says François Molias, to the spirit of the company. ” Our project is a social project “It makes perfect sense for the fundraising to be done via the ethical funding platform Lita. Choosing a convertible bond is also a surprising choice but it is fixed » With the implemented project. ” The maturity date is 6 years and the suggested rate is 8%. » François Moulias details. ” It is a fixed rate because the period is long and it is paid Finally.” To these are added an 8% Retraining Bonus and a 2% Impact Bonus. A premium that confirms a societal commitment and is due to the investor only if this commitment is not respected. A low carbon premium labeled attests to the amount of carbon sequestered in this way.” We find it beneficial to get companies to meet their non-economic obligations François Moulias Comments.

Founded by Arnaud Montebourg, Compagnie des Amandes is preparing to start production

“We want almonds, not almond trees.”

If this raise is a key point in the La Compagnie des Amandes roadmap because it allows in particular to achieve the target of 500 hectares by the end of the year, then a capital increase is coming, which will bring a significant boost especially in terms of the number of projects. Another 600 hectares is already” in tubes “.” Within a year, we should have crossed 800 hectares Francois Mulias confirms. With a peak production of 2000 to 5000 tons of almonds. Almonds, specifically, are those that serve mainly confectioners.

Development projects that require team strengthening. Thus, it was planned to hire two agronomists, in order to analyze and validate the files of independent orchards, which could enter the bosom of the Compagnie des Amandes. ” We are strict. We want almonds, not almond trees “.

French Sovereignty Service

An essential necessity when one wants to serve French sovereignty. This also applies to fracture. Because, at the moment, French producers turn to Spanish cassettes, especially for cost prices. A position that French cassettes cannot hold because of their size. This is also a point to which the Compagnie des Amandes wants to respond, which has just signed the construction contract for the dish to be created in Var, with the desire to serve the entire French sector. An agreed investment of €12 million for an operational delivery by 2023.” We believe in the power of a single tool that provides more services to producers than small fractions ‘, referring to François Molias.

On the societal side again, La Compagnie des Amandes must sign a profit-sharing agreement by the end of the year along with a pool of free shares for the three currently hired employees. The crowdfunding campaign, which is in pre-funding stage, has already raised a third of the requested amount and is set to end on July 20.