Stock Market: Here are the listed sectors that are holding up well in the face of a market downturn

Six listed sectors are holding up well in the stock market, recording a positive development in their prices since the beginning of 2022, when the MASI index continues to collapse. A local analyst provides explanations.

6 out of 23 sector indices listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange were in the green zone, since the beginning of this year until Tuesday, June 21st session.

Indicator “mines” Appears in the header of all listed sectors, generating an estimate of 28.3%. followed by the index “Forest and Paper” who advances from 15th%. Indications ” chemistry “And the “community services”And the Real estate investment trustsAnd the “Leisure and Hotels”meanwhile, respectively by 9.7%, 9.3%, 7.8% and 8.8%.

These positive developments are being realized while the MASI has fallen by nearly 9% over the same period.

The performance of these indices masks the disparities between the stocks that compose them. Some values ​​contribute to the rise of these indicators, and others plunge into the red zone, with the exception of the “Mine” indicator. All stocks that make up this indicator show an increase during the mentioned period.

Called by Médias24, a local analyst thinks so The high values ​​that make up these indicators are justifiedexcept for a few truly illiquid stocks, such as Med Paper (from the “Forests & Paper” sector), Maghreb Oxygène (from the “Chemicals” index) and Balima (from the “Real Estate Investment Corporation” index).

Moreover, he prefers not to analyze the development of Lydec (in the “community services” sector), which is the subject of a draft public takeover proposal (OPR), submitted by Veolia Environnement. This deposit is made after indirect crossing the threshold of 95% of the capital and voting rights of Lydec by Veolia Environnement in the context of an AMMC-approved public procurement offer on April 8, 2022.

“For me, Lydec is a discount,” he comments.

Note that the title has advanced 9.3% since the beginning of this year through the Tuesday session.

Mining companies and SNEP benefit from the current situation

The good development of the “mining” sector index is due to the rise in world metal prices, according to our interlocutor. And Managem benefits greatly from it. This value has already gained 40.2% since the beginning of 2022.

“The current situation, which is characterized by rising global metal prices, is very favorable for the mining sector. Thus, mining stocks are doing well. But it confirms that it is Managem that benefits the most.

The evolution of mine prices


For its part, SNEP gained 12.5% ​​over the cited period. “SNEP is also benefiting from the current situation. The rise in petroleum product prices is good for the group’s activity. Its activity also benefits from its strategy of increasing production.”

SNEP Price Evolution


Real Estate Investment Trusts: Aradei stands out

The “Real Estate Investment Companies” index consists of three stocks: Aradei Capital, Immorente Invest and Balima. Investors have realized that securities belonging to this sector are safe havens. They place themselves on it in moments of doubt, because they are not affected by external elements. An analyst explained to us in a previous article that the outlook for the listed sector is generally very positive.

In general, it is Aradei that stands out thanks to the continuous development of its commercial surface, as well as the strategic partnerships that have been formed. In the stock market, Aradei stock is up 9.4% year-to-date.

Aradei سعر Price Evolution


Risma benefits from the gradual recovery of tourism activity

The value of “Resma”, the only component of the “Leisure and Hotels” index, rose by 8.8%.

“This value benefits from the health situation that remains under control despite the slight increase in cases, as well as from the easing of restrictions. This situation favors the gradual recovery of the tourism sector. The title is slowly regaining what it has lost since the outbreak of the epidemic”, explains our interlocutor.

Resma Price Evolution


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