Cocorico: Major French companies launched Alliance Blockchain France

A new alliance is born! Several large French industrial groups, universities, companies and startups, immersed in the blockchain sector from near and far, have come together to create a joint blockchain infrastructure project. Thanks to this alliance, France will be able to have a blockchain network backed by leading industrialists, large corporations, universities and start-ups. Such an initiative will allow the democratization of blockchain technology for the smallest players, in accordance with the wishes of the federation.

France has a strong player in the blockchain ecosystem

On Friday, June 17, 2022, the Alliance Blockchain France published a press release. In it, the consortium of French companies of all kinds explains its project and ambitions. Members are Orange Business Services, Atos, Archipels, Docaposte, Agdatahub, Anycommerce, BC Diploma, Blockchain Secure, IRT Nanoelec, Droon, IN Group (formerly National Press), Kapalt, Nomadic Labs, Quantum BCS, Suez, Tallow, University of Lille and Lyon 1 worldline. This group has the ability to protect the interests of French companies in the blockchain sector, but also to extend its use to smaller players.

The democratization of the blockchain: an alliance project to develop the sector in France

The organization behind this initiative, Orange Business Services, has been very clear. For them, “this consortium will have the task of deploying a common blockchain infrastructure that will gradually open up to all French industrialists and administrations wishing to benefit from the benefits of the blockchain.” Emphasizing this point further, the association’s press release made this project a key point in their ambitions. “To democratize this technology for the youngest players. Create a common space for participation and experimentation, by promoting synergies among its members in order to collectively respond to the calls of Projects with a view to European interoperability “.

Blockchain, data and records

Alliance Blockchain France is also part of a European framework

The press release also talks about the possibility of European interoperability. A consortium of many French companies and other players associated with the blockchain sector could allow France to have a dialogue on an equal footing with other European countries. In fact, there are many precedents. In Spain for example, with Alastria already having over 600 members. There is also an ID union in Germany. Antoine Maisonneuve, Director of Blockchain Program at Orange Business Services, will lead the Blockchain Alliance France for the first year.

Putting the blockchain at the heart of the challenges of the French economy

Alliance Blockchain France primarily wants to put the spotlight on the blockchain. In fact, the association’s mission is to identify and promote relevant use cases for the blockchain. With this in mind, the alliance wants to put blockchain at the service of the economic competitiveness of French companies. This is the reason why Alliance Blockchain France wants to promote blockchain. for “To make blockchain known and recognized as an essential technology for the digital transformation of French companies and administrations.” According to the terms of the press release. For the association, this is essential, because the blockchain has already proven itself by making significant gains and improving the security of transactions between different players.

The new French blockchain consortium brings together the major players. Some of them are well-known and traditional figures in the French economy. Others are blockchain startups, and still others are universities. In short, it has mobilized a large force to defend and promote the interests of the blockchain. All this aims to improve the French competitiveness in this promising sector, which offers many opportunities. An advertisement that resonates After the Viva Tech conference which saw France ranked among the major players in the blockchain.

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