an interview. Meet Insolente Veggie, the internet’s standard vegan

Insolente Veggie has been teaching, decoding, and popularizing issues related to vegetarianism, anti-organism, and the condition of animals since 2008. Meet Rosa B, the designer behind this invaluable educational support.

Reports at the agricultural fair, deciphering anti-vegetarian rhetoric or even educational and interesting content about the link between climate change and intensive agriculture … The Insolente Veggie blog and social networking is a mine of information and a hub for humor that has been published since 2015 in the comics illustrated by Éditions La Plage . which is known as ‘radical vegetarian’ On her Facebook page she is one of the pioneers in promoting anti-veganism and vegetarianism.

In 2008, after two years of adopting a vegan – and then quickly vegan – lifestyle, Rosa B. Her blog, Insolente Veggie. In this digital space, a woman who carefully maintains her anonymity shares her daily life as a vegetarian and her observations: Between personal attacks and contradictory rhetoric, the designer has, for more than a decade, had rich materials to raise awareness among the general public • animal health issues.

‘I have been compared to Hitler’

Originally from southwest France, as evidenced by her singing accent on the other end of the phone, Rosa Bee became a vegetarian after a meeting. In 2006, the person who would be known as Insolente Veggie then studied in Ireland. “My roommate was a vegetarian but we never talked about it”, she explained. But one day, Rosa B. And I started learning online. “There wasn’t all the information we had today.”you remember. “It was in-depth studies and articles on breeding, and when I found out all this, I realized the obvious: My roommate was right!” The student does not need further conviction. Rosa B says:

“I was very upset because I liked meat and cheese so much, but I told myself that I should be a vegetarian. However, I understood that eggs and milk were also a problem, but it seemed very difficult to stop everything. After 6 months, in fact, I became a vegetarian, So I ended up defining myself that way!”

Rosa B, designer

If Ireland’s vegetarian system is normalized, returning to France is complicated for the student, originating from an area where the culinary specialties are foie gras, duck confit, giblets or even dried meat. Reactions can be violent: I have been compared to Hitler. People were saying such crazy things that I thought they would make a good comics.”

At that time, the young woman was not drawing but a great reader of the literary genre. “I have always read a lot of comics, without any culture. I read everything that came in handy, and I find everything to be good”Laugh, until you talk about Bulimia. Younger, Rosa B. “I draw a little like all children” But it has stopped once in the last twelve or thirteen years. “I took responsibility as an adult to tell what was happening to me.” It was at this time that the novice designer was pushed by her relatives to publish on the Internet.

“I quickly got a lot of hits on the blog. I don’t know what state of mind I was in at the time, but I think I was happy talking to people who have gone through the same thing as me.trying to remember.

Photo: One of the first illustrations published on the Insolente Veggie blog, in 2008

Press to read

The post that looks “Before after” The designer dates back to 2013, in the midst of the horse meat lasagna scandal. “People were terrified because they ate the carcass of a horse instead of the carcass of a cow. Which for me, a vegetarian, is an incomprehensible mystery “writes Insolente Veggie at the time before exposing his argument as conclusively as it seems.

Photo: Excerpt from “Horse Lasagna Mission: A Vegetarian Viewpoint” via Insolente Veggie

“It was the first time I had drawn such a long and extensive drawing”says the designer nearly 10 years later. “This case was really the pinnacle of genres, and it is a writing case. It was all there: people who know they eat animals but don’t know they eat animals… I spent much more time drawing this drawing than the others. There I said to myself: This is dangerous!”

This solemnity was spotted by the publishing house Lablaj, which has been publishing works for more than 25 years On ‘Live Differently’ in an Environmentally Responsible WayIt can also be read on its website. It was she who contacted Rosa B. with a view to obtaining a paper publication of her drawings, which until then had been reserved for digital format.

“I attach great importance to the dynamic of reading. I post mostly for social media and mobile format, so I work on publishing comics in print.”

Rosa b.

Writing of Volume 5 is in progress. “The longer it lasts, the more urgent I am with myself and the longer it lasts. I’ve noticed that people listen to me so it stresses me out!” It has to be said that Rosa B has gained a great community on social networks where she is followed by 20,000 people. Present for more than a decade in the field of activism (online but also at demonstrations, in the organization of events or volunteer work), her expertise in this subject is invaluable.

Vote for an animal party

A few days before the second round of legislative elections, the designer made it clear to POSITIVR that she was excited about the Animal Party’s presence and effective outreach to put the state of the animal on the agenda in the political debate. “Suddenly, when there are votes to retrieve in the animal party, those on the left or the right come in and say they are the best at it.”Rosa B confirms with some irony and joy to see that the animal’s condition is progressing in the battles that the French and the French are fighting. “Parties that include the condition of the animal in their program respond only to a request from the population, it is not dangerous to cling politically.”

Since it first appeared on the Web, Rosa B. The emergence of these topics among the general public – and contributed to it!

“My view on this evolution is always contradictory: it is not necessarily going fast enough in terms of the animals being slaughtered every day, because the number is staggering. Every second suffers in industrial quantities. At the same time, things have evolved exponentially. If I once said to myself, : “You will be able to vote for an animal party,” I wouldn’t believe myself.

Regarding the emergence of the vegetable and even lab-grown meat industry, Insolente Veggie maintains the same behavior: “I tell myself it’s not going fast enough, and at the same time I thought I’d die before I saw it. If companies are dealing with it, I don’t mind. Even if people make as much money as they gain positive consequences for individuals. Intentions don’t have to be good. for the consequences of their actions..

While waiting for a truly new model of society to emerge, the rude vegetarian pursues her mission: to educate the general public, reporting the truths hidden behind the words of the industrialists. Like the last agricultural fair, it is listed at length on the blog. “Practically nothing has changed compared to previous years, but the word ‘luxury’ is everywhere.”

Discover a selection of drawings that can be found on the Insolente Veggie Instagram account:

To continue reading Insolente Veggie’s analyzes and laughing at the drawing, you can contribute to the Tipee kitty that opened in 2018. Over a hundred people pay for his work, yet most of them are accessible for free.

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