A beer a day is good for the gut!

It is consumed in all its forms, especially in the summer: beer It can be white, brown, blond, amber, and even without it alcohol. But a study published in Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry Focus especially on beer beer, and show that drinking one beer a day is good for your health! More specifically, for gut health: Variety microbiota Your intestines will improve thanks to beer.

A complete digestive system

It is home to thousands of microorganisms: bacteriasubordinate yeastssubordinate mushroomAnd sometimes too virus who hit him The gut germs It plays an essential role in health, through its effect on digestion In particular, but also on immune system and the nervous system. The more variety, the better Gate This is why taking antibiotics spoils it, it kills a large part of the bacteria that inhabit and protect it Intestinal germs. Food in general plays a vital role in health, particularly through what it contributes to the microbes that depend on dietary fiber.

On the other hand, beer is made from cereal Sprout and cooked: This is called barley. Depending on the original grain used and the method of cooking, the resulting beer will be different. For example, dark and amber beers come from roasted grains. Then the malt is blended through various processes with hops And above all, water. One of the main manufacturing steps is fermentation Yeasts are added to the mixture of malt and water, which will allow the transformation of sugars in Gas And in alcohol. In 2019, researcher Eric Clasen of the University of Amsterdam claimed that some strong beers improve the gut microbiota, by Probiotics They contain, although their effect on the intestinal flora is still a matter of debate.

A beer a day, alcoholic or not, diversifies the gut microbiota

This time, researchers from the University of Lisbon decided to investigate the effects of lager beer on men’s health: for this, 22 healthy men consumed 33 cl of beer every evening for four weeks. for some Non-alcoholic beer, for other beers containing about 5% alcohol. As the study shows, “Blood samples and Materials Stool was collected before and after the intervention period,” This allowed the scientists to see the difference in germs between before and after the four weeks. This was also analyzed by sequence genetics onrRNA 16 seconds ”, which forms a kind of identification card for bacteria and thus makes it possible to differentiate them.

This is how the researchers measured better Diversity of microorganisms After four weeks, this has a beneficial effect on health. They also found that drinking one beer a day, whether alcoholic or not, did not cause an increase body weight and Mass Body fat, and did not change the vital signs in the blood » Study details.

It concludes with the positive effects of beer on health, which is attributed to it polyphenolssubordinate Nutrients of barley and hops, which contain Antioxidants. The study was only done on a small sample of men, so the team plans to do a similar study on a larger number of people, including women. Attention, the study emphasizes the fact that alcohol does not play on the beneficial effects on health: non-alcoholic beer is preferably drunk, and alcohol-containing beer in moderation!

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