Tutorial: Earn NFTs by participating in the Arbitrum Odyssey

Join the Odyssey – Arbitrum is a second layer solution that is developing on top ofEthereum. It has just launched its own Odyssey program, which aims to familiarize users with the application ecosystem. The goal is simple and fun: to encourage users to test Arbitrum protocols with rewards, such as NFTs.

Introducing Arbitrum

Before going into the details of the program Arbitrum Odyssey And the steps to implement it, let’s return briefly to Arbitrum.

control that it second layer solution evolve on top of the Ethereum network, Launched in September 2021. It depends on the technology cumulative optimism.

Without going into details, Rollups makes it possible to migrate transactions outside the main Ethereum chain. However, these ecosystems inherit the security of Ethereum by publishing all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. These transactions are released as compressed batches to reduce their impact on the main network. This allows anyone to validate the transactions made on Arbitrum.

Arbitrum is currently the most popular second layer solution in Ethereum. In fact, it represents no less than 1.7 million ETH Deposited through all of its protocols.

TVL Evolution in ETH for the Arbitrum Network.

To date, the network has about a hundred protocols, among which we find DeFi leaders such as Curve, Uniswap and Aave.

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Arbitrum Odyssey: a guided tour of the ecosystem

In April 2022, Arbitrum announced the preparation of a program entitled Arbitrum Odyssey. Its goal is simple: Create a fun track that allows users to learn about the Arbitrum ecosystem.

In addition, to make the program interesting, Arbitrum has provided bonuses for users participating in the Odyssey. Hence, they can Get 17 exclusive NFTsCreated by artists Ratweil and Sojoi.

“We are excited to announce a collaboration with Ratwell, Sugoi and Project Galaxy, inviting users to explore different parts of the Arbitrum ecosystem – from DeFi to NFTs and gaming!”

In general, the program over the course of two monthswith a series of procedures each week to perform on different ecosystem protocols.

Moreover, the most regular users will be awarded additional bonuses at the end of the program:

Ultimately, any user who collects at least 12 of the 15 NFTs will receive the most unique Arbi-verse NFT, designed by Ratweil and Sugoi.

To follow the progress of each step, we invite you to follow Arbitrum Twitter account. Each week, the teams there will publish the various procedures as well as protocols that can be interacted with to obtain the precious NFTs.

Good news, the program starts today, Tuesday, June 21!

Arbitrum announces the launch of Arbitrum Odyssey.
Arbitrum announces the launch of Arbitrum Odyssey.

Governance codes at stake?

Allow us to make some guesses. At this time, the Arbitrum Project has not made any official announcements regarding the creation of a governance token or any other token.

However, some information may indicate that this is not impossible. Thus, after the release of the Layer 2 governance token, the CEO of Offchain Labs, the company behind Arbitrum, tweeted:

“Appetizers are always served before the main course.”

Tweet posted by Arbitrum CEO.
Tweet posted by Arbitrum CEO.

by And therefore, Although it is just speculation, it is not impossible that Arbitrum will one day reveal a ruling symbol. Participation in all phases of the Odyssey Program can increase the chances of qualifying for a potential airdrop, if any. As we often say: “He who tries something, has nothing.”

First week: Bridge Week

Arbitrum Odyssey just launched with “Bridgewick”. For this first week, Arbitrum starts from the beginning With a focus on bridgesThese tools allow you to send money from one channel to another.

To participate, users must Send ETH to Arbitrum Using one of the following central bridges or exchanges:

  • HopProtocol.
  • via protocol;
  • Transac.
  • multi-string.
  • Cryptorpic.
  • Li-Fi protocol
  • ComposableEnd;
  • Celer Network
  • DeGateDex.
  • HashFlow.
  • MtPelerin.
  • Rango Exchange
  • network connection
  • Farren Finance
  • Banksa official
  • Bungee exchange
  • TheBoringDAO;
  • router protocol;
  • From Bridge Finance.
List of bridges eligible for Bridge Week.
List of bridges eligible for Bridge Week.

In addition, users who have chosen the bridge most used by the community will be assigned NFTs bonus.

What bridge should be used to increase your chances of getting the NFT bonus?

We’re in luck, Arbitrum helped us quite a bit in deciding which bridge to choose for the NFT bonus. And so they published a Public opinion poll on their Discord server, and they ask users which bridge they prefer.

Fortunately for us Tweet embed He did a lot of work for us by revealing the survey results on Twitter. Thus, the result of the survey gives the following bridges:

  • hop protocol
  • multi-string.
  • sign in

Example with LEAP protocol

Since he is the biggest winner of the survey, together we will see how Transfer ETH to Arbitrum using the hop protocol.

To do this, you will first need to hold your ETH on one of the following blockchains or L2s:

  • Ethereum.
  • ribbed.
  • prognosis;
  • optimism.

In our case, we will start with Ethereum.

First, you must go to Leap protocol website. Once you are on the site, make sure you are in the Submit section.

Submit jump list.

Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect button at the top right of the screen.

Connect your wallet to Hop.

Select the asset to send, here ETH.

Select the original to send.

Choose the network where the funds are currently stored, in our case we will choose Ethereum. Then select Arbitrum as the money receiving network. Also indicate the amount of ETH you want to send. We advise you not to send too little money, as this will allow you to carry out the necessary actions every week to participate in the Odyssey program.

Fill in the departure and arrival network details as well as the amount.

Once you have filled in all these fields correctly, you can click the Submit button to complete the conversion.

Run the conversion.

Once you have clicked the Submit button, all you have to do is confirm the transaction and sign it to your wallet. There you go, the transaction has been sent and the money is transferred to Arbitrum.

Confirm the transfer.

They can be retrieved from the same address that initiated the transfer, you only need to configure the Arbitrum network in your wallet.

Add Arbitrum to Metamask

To add the network Arbitrum in Metamaskyou will need to configure a new network by entering the following information:

Program for the next few weeks of Arbitrum Odyssey

Every week you can have it Additional NFTs By performing two actions on two protocols from the long list of protocols participating in the program.

“Once the bridge week is over, you will be able to complete two separate tasks from two projects each week! More details on each week will come as the Arbitrum Odyssey progresses.”

In theory, the protocols to use each week should be:

  • 1: bridge week;
  • 2: yield, segmentation;
  • 3: Aboard Exchange, ToFonft;
  • 4: Uniswap, OfficialApeXdex;
  • 5:1 inch, Izumi financing;
  • 6: Breeder Dodo, Swabrith;
  • 7: Treasure_DAO, BattleFlyGame;
  • 8: Ideamarket, SushiSwap.

In order not to miss a week and to validate the protocols to be used, we invite you once again to stay in touch on Arbitrum Twitter.

Obviously, it’s not the Journal du Coin’s style that’s letting you down! We will come back every week with an article dedicated to explaining all the actions that will be carried out week by week Maximize your chances of getting Arbitrum Odyssey NFTs.

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