Shine this nova for one day only!

It was even visible toeye Naked: Scholars report in a report fromAmerican Astronomical Society Discovery Nova The fastest ever! That was just over a year ago: it appeared in the sky on June 12, 2021, and then faded away just a day later. “It was only about a day; the fastest previous nova was the one we studied in 1991, the V838 Herculis, which faded out in about two or three days.”explains Summer Starrfield, the professor and astrophysicist in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University.

It was renamed V1674 Herculis, as its name suggests, in constellation From Hercules, visible fromNorthern Hemisphere during summer nights. It was discovered by chance, by A astronomer It is located in Japan, and then many American astronomers and astrophysicists studied it. Usually, such events last between a week and a few months. these shiny explosions It appears in the sky as new starshence the term Nova who was chosen to appoint them.

shards of white dwarfs

It corresponds to a sudden and severe emission of light visible from Binary systemIt consists of a star and a white dwarf. The latter is actually the remains of a dead star: white dwarfs that are created after star death Not too bulky, when you run out of fuel. Then it goes through a phase red giantWhere the upper layers extend. Then its outer layers pop out, leaving only the core of the star, which is compressed and transformed into a white dwarf.

often found in Binary systemsthese stars Especially compressed attraction issue of their less dense companion. As the material twists and turns as it moves toward the white dwarf, it forms an accretion disk. Inside this disk, the material is so intensely heated, that it turns into plasma, and thus into Gas ionized. This ionized gas heats up. Much. To the degree of provocation, when the temperature and the pressure Peak and thermonuclear explosions. versions ofenergy The surprising events that astronomers discover next.

Contains other puzzles

But be careful not to confuse it with a file Supernova Which indicates either the death of a huge star in Black hole where neutron star, or the explosion of a white dwarf when it becomes very massive. However, they, like supernovae, can lead to Construction of solar energy systems, similar to ours. This is what the research team is trying to study. ” We are still trying to understand how the solar system formed, and where its chemical elements came from. S. Starrfield confirms. One of the things we will learn from this nova is, for example, how much lithium that resulted from this explosion. We are now fairly certain that a significant portion of the lithium found on Earth resulted from these types of eruptions. »

In addition to its speed, the researchers note another property: the light and energy we receive from the pulse of V1674 Herculis. Every 501 seconds, a visible oscillation occurs both in the visible range and in X ray. Even today, a year later, this pulse continues, always with the same regularity. “The most unusual thing is that this oscillation was observed before the explosion, but it was also present when the nova was brighter, about 10 degrees.”Mark Wagner, a researcher at Ohio State University explains. In the future, the team intends to look into the cause of the explosion, so the processes that lead to a big explosion thermonuclear explosion Similar to this, especially with regard to the case Duration So short.

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