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1. Background
OASIS Immersion is an entertainment group that specializes in the production, distribution and publication of immersive experiences. The group notably operates Canada’s largest permanent immersive destination, located on the ground floor of the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

We are looking for a Production Coordinator to co-develop immersive content and experiences tailored to B2C (museum experience) and B2B (space privatization-related events) audiences. The Production Coordinator will work closely with our creative and technical teams, as well as local and international collaborators.

. Editorial Approachoasis The Immersion System offers an inspiring and upbeat perspective on digital art, all presented in a mod space consisting of 3 immersive galleries, with video presentations and a surround sound system. Two exhibitions are currently taking place in the Montreal destination, namely Reload / Relaxwhich offers a serene sensory journey into the world of generative arts, and Van Gogh – DistortionAn inspiring and engaging tribute to one of the greatest painters of all time. Collaborative events include Mutek, HUB Montreal, CCMM AI Forum, Aeromart, Montreal International and Culturama.

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2. Job description / overview
Reporting directly to the Production Manager and working closely with the general management, production team and technical team, the ideal candidate has strong project or production coordination skills, and can take on the duties of an Executive Assistant with the management team. In his work, the ideal candidate will have to demonstrate independence in fulfilling set mandates and become a focus between the production manager and the team oasis and external collaborators.

3. Job description/responsibilities
Production – General Axis

  • Participate in the coordination of projects and daily activities in collaboration with the creative direction, production, operations and technical team;
  • Ensure good communication between all departments;
  • planning and maintaining production schedules;
  • Assist production in monitoring correspondence with collaborators, business partners, clients, internal and external relations;
  • Ensuring administrative and logistical links with internal services (creative, technical, operational, accounting and general management departments);
  • Collaboration in the implementation of new business management tools;
  • Ensure optimal maintenance of administrative and production tools;
  • Assist in the coordination and logistics of implementing new content in the permanent exhibition;
  • Ensure administrative follow-up of external contracts with partners, collaborators and suppliers (follow-up on marketing, contracts, quotations, invoices and payment, non-disclosure agreement, etc.);
  • See respect for procedures and standards established by production;
  • Ensure production and archiving of exhibition documents;
  • Perform all other related tasks.

Corporate Events – A B2B Hub

  • Production assistance in coordination and logistics of corporate and B2B events;
  • Collaborate with operations in coordination, security and any other logistical needs related to the operation of the company as well as the organization of corporate and inter-company events;
  • Collaborate in the preparation of production budgets for corporate and inter-company events;
  • Ensure smooth communication with all stakeholders involved in the delivery of events;
  • Sometimes, acting as an expert in the field while producing new content, corporate and B2B events, ensuring a presence during all of these activities;
  • Ensure production and archiving of event documentation;
  • Perform all other related tasks.

4. Job description/skills required

  • Significant experience in project coordination;
  • rigor and good organization;
  • Ability to communicate clearly and confidently.
  • Interest and ability to develop networks;
  • Ability to play a role in budget monitoring and management;
  • Strong interest in innovative art, especially immersive art;
  • Ability to show independence, while enjoying working in a team;
  • Firmly affirmative action approach.
  • quality of listening and communication;
  • open to work with atypical schedules (in the evenings and weekends);
  • Dynamism and flexibility in the face of change.

5. Job description/benefits

  • flexible hours;
  • competitive salaries;
  • insurance group;
  • 3 weeks of vacation + sick leave and public holidays;
  • Reimbursement for cellular communications (maximum $100 per month);
  • The company’s culture is based on mutual assistance, independence and transparency.

6. Job description/requirements

  • University or university degree in a related discipline;
  • 3 to 7 years of relevant experience;
  • Fluency in French and English, both orally and in writing.

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