Diversified wallet is the best way to take advantage of the crypto winter

Most seasoned investors will always seek a diversified portfolio across assets to fill in gaps in the market and allow for lasting gains while mitigating losses in a turbulent market. However, with inflation Recent records for heights and Winter vault arrivalIt is more important than ever to have a mix of altcoins, startup projects and big players in your portfolio.

for you take risks The individual will determine what the asset allocation will be, with those seeking higher returns divided further between initial projects and alternative projects. While those who avoid risk are more likely to resort to BitcoinAnd Ethereum and other of your largest market cap coins for smaller, but likely to be, gains.

However, given the state of the market, it is more important than ever not to spread too thin and to protect yourself when exiting institutions, to protect yourself from margin calls and to avoid asset liquidation. As an investor, you should welcome this winter as an opportunity to stock up on discount coins, but be careful of your collectibles and always do your research.

How long can this crypto winter last?

The question many will ask is how long can we expect this encryption winter Difficult? Although no one can be sure, given that the cryptocurrency is moving fast, smooth and open 24/7, the macros are bleak and you should be prepared for this winter to go on for a while, with some reasons.

The reverse repo market has always ballooned with record levels in May and June. When abnormally high numbers are observed in Reverse buy backThis shows a leading indicator of a lack of confidence in the stock market and that institutions don’t trust any potential investment, but take a 0.8% risk-free guarantee of putting money with the Federal Reserve.

In addition, many mortgage-backed ETFs are down, with Vanguard’s ETF down nearly 10% after hours yesterday. When there is no institutional confidence and the housing brand is on the verge of collapse, it is a clear economic indication that deflation is upon us.

Average Cost Reduction in Dollars

Although all this may sound bleak, do not worry, because this is an opportunity for retail investors to lower the average cost of your investments or enter the market at a very attractive and more acceptable price. As crypto adoption continues to thrive, many DeFi and Metaverse protocols are driving paradigm shift technology, opening Web 3.0, nowhere else.

It’s essential that while your wallet probably looks a little red and green the days look like gold dust, you should cheer on the short-term market pullback so you can stock up on your favorite coins and tokens to put you in a better financial position. Line.

How many times have you heard someone say “I would like to invest in it Bitcoin In 2017, take this opportunity and don’t miss it.

Unicorn to help you diversify your portfolio

Investing in early-stage currencies and protocols and diversifying your portfolio gives you the opportunity to participate in high-potential projects while minimizing risks. This is why a project like https://logarithmic.finance/ Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is so interesting and can revolutionize the way pre-sale investment is done.

LOG, which is currently in its pre-sale phase, is a next-generation Layer 3 protocol that aims to solve the early-stage corporate investment problem through its native token, LOG. They will do this by filling the gap on their unified platform, allowing you to buy pre-IDO/ICO coins on any blockchain network with cross-chain compatibility.

LOG has other features that help open up the world of DeFi, with better swap ratios, discounts with some partner currencies, and has powerful tokens to make LOG a more attractive investment.

LOG has a maximum supply of 4 billion tokens, with 1.2 billion tokens included in the presale. The token is also a community-driven deflationary asset, allowing its long-term holders to earn sustainable earnings and vote on the burn percentage for staking rewards on the network. Finally, once it is alive, no entity will be managing the ecosystem on its own, it will be governed by its own community, which is essential in the DeFi world to earn the trust of investors.

Although LOG is still early days, it seems like a good option to include in your portfolio, but of course this will depend on your risk tolerance. If you want to know more, you can check out their website and Litepaper.

Finance log (LOG)

Presale: https://presale.logarithmic.finance/register

Website: https://logarithmic.finance/


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