Two boxes of fiber optics on the SFR network at 20 euros per month: which one to choose?

In order to get the best online transmitter, it is sometimes necessary to focus on the offers of the moment. A quick search shows it The boxes on the SFR fiber network are for sale And it becomes very interesting. Whether from its parent company SFR, or its subsidiary RED, Fiber Optic Box offerings are ideal for clients. You just have to know what that person is looking for, because the good news is that these two online funds offer a different version.

2 boxes of optical fibers on the SFR fiber network at 20€

To start this analysis in style, it must be remembered that the SFR fiber network is One of the most widespread in the region. It connects many homes and allows them to benefit from a really tremendous browsing speed compared to ADSL. Two types of optical fibers are available depending on SFR and RED compatibility: either FTTH or FTTLA. To verify this, an eligibility test must be taken, which then determines whether the maximum throughput Download/Download It can be maximum or if less.

Fiber optic box SFR 20 € for two years: a unique combination

The first fiber optic fund is the parent company’s SFR fund, which offers a unique combination. For starters, it has maximum theoretical productivity which can reach 500MB/s. At this speed, all common uses can be achieved with maximum quality. Users with a Disney+ or Netflix subscription can enjoy their programming with peace of mind. In addition, this serving can make a very good alternative as a pack for the family.

SFR offers its internet fund at €20 for two years, with a one-year commitment only.

TV package for internet box.

starting from20 EUR

02 90 22 53 56

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The price for this SFR fund is €20 per month. This monthly bill is valid During a period of 24 monthsUnlike most offers on the market. Also, although there is a commitment, it only lasts for 12 months. This means that this fiber optic box has a promotion that is valid for a really long time. This stability guarantee can make a difference with customers who don’t necessarily appreciate having to change their internet box every year. After 24 months, the price increases to 38 euros per month.

This SFR fiber optic box includes both fixed telephone and television. The Triple Play Box offers a bouquet of 160 TV channels, some of which are 4K quality. One thing is possible thanks to a theoretical maximum throughput large enough to allow a signal of this quality to be transmitted. Regarding the phone, it allows unlimited calls to landlines in France. Finally, by subscribing to this offer, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of SFR box customers of mobile plans.

In short, the SFR Internet Fund at 20 €:

  • 500 Mb / s connection;
  • 160 TV Channels
  • One-year commitment only at a rate valid for two years;
SFR Termination Fee.

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How about a RED by SFR internet box offer at €20?

With the RED by SFR resource, users are not in unfamiliar territory. They benefit from the extent and quality of the SFR fiber network. By subscribing to this fiber optic box, customers can save money. Now until June 20, One month free subscription. Good news about this optical fiber box which has a maximum theoretical speed of 1 Gbit/s.

RED Fiber Optic Box contains SFR fiber network at €20

For a fiber optic box with no commitment to the SFR network, you should take REDbox.

Fiber optic internet box.

starting from20 EUR

02 90 22 53 56

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Customers who want to get this REDbox just have to get rid of it 20 euros per month. This rate allows you to see the future by managing your budget over the long term. The contract that comprises this offer is non-binding, to allow you to terminate your internet receiver at no cost.

The options that spread in this Internet box are on the versatile SFR fiber network. Thus, customers can benefit from an unlimited number of fixed telephones to landlines and mobiles in France. For TV, the process is different from the SFR internet box seen earlier. A bundle of 35 channels is available for free via the RED TV app. To take advantage of the additional 100 channels, You have to pay 3 euros more. Finally, a Connect TV decoder is available for €29 on the first bill.

Internet offers without obligation

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