Mobile Vikings Home Internet Test (VDSL and Fiber)

Subsidiary Proximus launches on Tuesday, June 14, the home Internet offer in VDSL and optical fiber: Internet without a fixed line and without digital TV. Thousands of customers have tested the formula since the beginning of May. We were able to test optical fibers. All details and our impressions.

A survey was sent at the end of April to the operator’s mobile customers. He noted the arrival of an important novelty. This was revealed today: It’s a show Home Internet connection via Proximus VDSL and fiber networks. It’s officially available since Tuesday, June 14th.

Internet with or without digital TV?

Mobile Vikings only intend to make contact. So, No digital TVunlike Proximus and Scarlet, the approach is the same as that taken by Edpnet: targeting so-called wire-cutters, who just want to take advantage of Internet connection without decoder Or view digital TV.

What is the cost of internet in Mobile Vikings?

Mobile Vikings introduces two new products, 35 or 50 euros :

  • In VDSL and fiber optics: Unlimited fast internet with 100 Mbps (download) and 40 Mbps (download), unlimited traffic, at a price of 38 euros per month or €35 With a mobile phone subscription
  • In optical fibers: Unlimited high speed internet with 1 gigabit per second (download) and 500 Mbps (download), unlimited traffic, at a price of 53 euros per month or 50 euro With a mobile phone subscription

In optical fiber, you experience the “giga” cable from Telenet (40 Mbps upload) and VOO (20 Mbps upload), The increased speed is the real weight argument. On the Proximus side, the upload remains at 200Mbps for now. It’s 100Mbps in Edpnet.

Unlike Proximus, Mobile Vikings do not ship There is no complement if the user is using optical fibers for its 100 Mbps bandwidth. On the other hand, a reduction of 3 euros is given when the customer has a mobile phone line (subscription or prepaid, without discrimination) with Mobile Vikings: thus the price is 35 euros or 50 euros depending on the network used (VDSL or fiber)..

Test the Vikings mobile internet at home

We were lucky enough to be able to test our unlimited super fast internet connection in Optical fiber. The The appointment made online was very fast : 3 working days.

A Proximus technician came to perform the modem installation and connection tests. ONT (Nokia) has already been used for fiber optic communication with another operator.

Install BBOX The V3+ (the modem currently shown) took about ten minutes. Parameters are sent immediately to the modem (the PPPoE login is an address of type XXX @ wholesale_pro). Installation took about 25 minutes.

We already have a compatible modem (Fritz! Box 7590 AX). a A message has been sent via Twitter to tech support Allowed (in 20 minutes) to obtain the password to establish the connection without Proximus BBOX.

We ran about twenty speed tests in 48 hours, several times of the day. The results were absolutely amazing. As a reminder, the speed of optical fibers is unprecedented in Belgium so far: 1 Gbps (download) and especially 500 Mbps (upload).

Especially low ping level: Between 1 millisecond and 2 milliseconds Depending on the selected servers.

Tests indicate that it is straightforward Proximus network Which is used directly, without restrictions, as opposed to mobile where the Transatel platform is which continues to be operated by Mobile Vikings.

In VDSL, speeds are currently 100 Mbps and 40 Mbps, but they may evolve (double) further with the introduction of a new standard.

What modem does Mobile Vikings use?

The BBOX V3 + from Proximus, but this should change with the gradual introduction of the Wi-Fi 6 compatible Proximus Internet box.

However, in optical fiber as in VDSL, feel free to replace BBOX with a router of your choice among the compatible devices. In the absence of a fixed line and digital TV, any certified modem can do the job. Furthermore, if you choose 1Gbps optical fiber, you prefer a Wi-Fi 6 compatible model.

What if I am not yet a customer?

If you are not a Mobile Vikings customer yet, you can Follow this link To request a mobile subscription (or prepaid card).

How do I sign up for Mobile Vikings Home Internet?

Operator customers can register online since June 14. It is possible to choose only the mobile phone, the Internet at home or a combo (at a discount of €3 if the mobile phone is combined with the Internet at home).

Internet with or without digital TV?

Mobile Vikings home calling offer is Economical and competitive, especially against its direct competitors (Edpnet, Scarlet, Zuny). With a mobile subscription, you have an unlimited connection at a price of €35 in VDSL. The fiber optic offering with 1Gbps upload and 500Mbps upload was probably the most competitive in the Belgian market when it was launched.

Does Mobile Vikings provide VoLTE, VoWiFi and 5G?

Not yet but These options are provided In the future. When will these limits be lifted? ” Nothing changes in the short term at this level, but this is all under consideration‘,” a Mobile Vikings spokesperson told us.

With stable internet, Limburg is taking a new step in its ambitious development under the auspices of Proximus. Mobile Vikings customers now officially migrate through the Proximus mobile network, even if the Transatel platform is used.

So far, they don’t have Can’t access 5G network yet From the operator in Belgium (but roaming agreements make it possible to take advantage of 5G in some European countries). The VoLTE and VoWiFi options are also not availables. Attention to travelers: Due to the lack of VoLTE, it is no longer possible to call from the United States after the extinction of 3G networks.

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