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Sunday, June 12, 2022 was the Xbox and Bethesda Game Show. And so the brand has lifted the veil on some of the long-awaited games, more specifically on the games that are coming out in the next twelve months. Although the conference has lifted the veil on some interesting new games, the 2022 calendar ultimately remains very poor in the headlines, and it also lacks another thing Capable of hitting everyone’s jaws.

Xbox conference with rhythm and variety of games on offer

When we see a list of all the games announced and presented during the Xbox and Bethesda conference (read the summary), we can say that the brand has clearly focused on diversity. From indie games from a recognized studio to partnerships with Riot Games, Xbox has unveiled a diverse catalog, including several games that will be released directly on Xbox Game Pass.

Non-stop, the conference continued at a very fast pace, making room for several phases of play rather than the oral explanations often considered too long. In terms of looks, Xbox has perfectly mastered the timing of the announcements, from the simple trailer to the longer presentations of the major titles, which are peppered with World Premiere, Xbox Console Exclusive, and Day One Xbox Game Pass.

The announcements were numerous, and we can highlight here and there a few games that will catch our eye especially in the coming months, not all of which are in mass production.

  • Hollow Knight: Silksong: The direct sequel to the popular Hollow Knight, the game will be released directly on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. A nice blow to Microsoft’s subscription service.
  • High On Life: This shooting game has been rated highly by its colorful art direction from the creator of Rick and Morty. It will be released on 2022 Day One on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Riot Games on PC Game Pass: The partnership can easily be overlooked, but it’s still a very important announcement for the PC world. We note for example the arrival of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics or Valorant games in PC Game Pass and/or Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Ara: History Untold: The new turn-based strategy game Day One will be released on PC Game Pass, so we are definitely intrigued when we learn that the young studio includes among its members some developers who have worked on Civilization, Command or Conquer.
  • Minecraft Legends: We know Mojang is working on two new games, one of which was revealed at the Xbox conference. As rumored, it is indeed a real-time strategy game that will be released in 2023 on all consoles, including PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Thus, Microsoft confirms its desire not to fragment the existing communities.
  • As Dusk Falls: It’s been announced for a while, Interior Night will finally be available soon since landing on July 19th on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. As a bonus, we know that a non-modern multiplayer mode with 8 players is planned, both online and locally.
  • Pentiment: While waiting for news from Avowed, Obsidian has announced its most modest project which is nothing more than a narrative RPG that will be released in November 2022 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Cloud. Obviously, it will be the first day of Game Pass.
  • Diablo IV: We already knew that, but seeing Diablo land on consoles isn’t an advertisement to be taken lightly. The game will be available in 2023 on Xbox One X | S, PS5 and PlayStation 4.
  • Ravenlok: Cococucumber, developers of Echo Generation, has unveiled a new Action-RPG where coming of age will be central to the gaming experience. It was released in 2023 and first day on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Cocoon: The new game from the creators of Limbo and Inside will definitely be a game to watch closely when you see what production quality they can offer. Day One is available on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming as well.
  • Wu Long Fulin Dynasty: This was one of the surprises at the Xbox and Bethesda conference. The new action game developed by Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Nioh) will be available upon release on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

No big games from Xbox Studios in 2022

Overall, this conference was rather solid, and a majority (44%) would find it good if we were to believe the poll we launched on Twitter.

However, roughly 23% found the conference “acceptable”, and when you read the comments, it’s a mix between the lack of big releases in 2022 and the unanimously offered small “big game.”

Xbox’s strategy of announcing games like Fable, Avowed, State of Decay 3, or Hellblade 2 (also?) early on seems to have reached its limits here and players seem tired of having to wait longer for the big players to arrive. From Xbox Studios. The hardware has been released, that’s for sure, but the cadence of big regular releases that Xbox has promised for a few years isn’t there yet, and it may be necessary to wait until 2023 before seeing it. Meanwhile, Microsoft is signing deals with several publishers and developers to get Xbox Game Pass exclusivity.

With games like Starfield, Redfall, and STALKER 2 (justified) being postponed to next year, Xbox had no choice but to communicate in the “next 12 months” in the face of the announced 2022. Sony home products, for example.

After 6 months of not releasing a game from Xbox Studios, the end of 2022 doesn’t look much richer and we wonder what major Xbox games will be like during the holiday period. Right now, only Pentiment and Scorn are listed, but we’re still quite a long way from the big productions we could have expected.

One thing is for sure, if the calendar is respected, 2023 promises to be a major year for Xbox. It could be the long-awaited turning point that would lead to a major Xbox Studios release every three months, which Xbox Studios director Matt Booty has been wanting for a few years now.

With no specific release date for Starfield, Redfall, or Forza Motorsport, the mid- to long-term Xbox gaming schedule remains unclear at this time. Obviously it’s better not to announce a date than to announce and then postpone it, but Xbox is clearly slow to find its rhythm at the moment.

No small wow effect

Was Xbox too wise this time? That’s a question we can ask ourselves since the conference ended with 15 minutes into the Starfield game, thus without any major surprises and capable of causing quite a stir. However, the game’s ambition seems strong enough for the title to celebrate the start of 2023 and make its mark if the quality is there.

Sure, we’ve dealt with the announcement of an Xbox game created by the cloud-based Hideo Kojima, but it’s a project we’ve been hearing about for over a year now, and we don’t actually know its name or release date. No photo has been shared, not even artwork, which also doesn’t allow a photo to be taken into account for this mysterious new game.

Ending the Xbox conference with this announcement with a teaser could have further repercussions for the brand. We can guess anyway that it will be necessary to wait several years before the Kojima game is released.

In short, it’s a gap in good shape and proper that was undoubtedly missing at the conference, that little grain of madness that surprises the audience, that leaves a lasting imprint on people’s minds and that makes people say it would be necessary to buy an Xbox at Christmas. As it stands, it was “just a good” conference, but it won’t be a conference that will be remembered for years.

Xbox Game Pass remains an unbeatable deal

The real star of the conference, which certainly goes unnoticed, is once again Xbox Game Pass. Of the fifty games and content included in the 2022 and 2023 calendars on Xbox, about forty will be available on the first day of Game Pass!

Microsoft’s home products are obviously part of it, but the list also includes several third-party games. And in fact, it’s all of these titles that will finally punctuate the Xbox calendar in the coming months. These include A Plague Tale: Requiem, Atomic Heart, Persona 5, ARK 2, REPLACED, or COCOON. The list is long and again, there is almost something for everyone.

Today, the entire brand strategy revolves around Game Pass. Available on console, PC, mobile, and tomorrow on TV, it aims to expand the Xbox audience like never before.

The offer is really unbeatable, especially with the Xbox Live Gold conversion trick, but it will be more than that in the coming months. It should also not be forgotten that Activision Blizzard games will also land in the service in the future. When the new Call of Duty arrives on day one, needless to say, it could rock the video game world like never before. It remains to be seen whether or not Microsoft will increase its price with the arrival of larger games, but also new services such as playable demos in 2023.

If we had to sum up this Xbox and Bethehsda conference, then we can say that Microsoft instead played the calm card. With the catalog of games the first side So thin until the end of the year, the brand has bet on connections that offer games that will be available this year and next, and more precisely in the next 12 months. This year, agreements signed with third-party publishers and developers will make the difference, and the next major title to be announced in the service will be A Plague Tale: Requiem which will reveal its release date at the end of June.

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