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The word alone is evocative: it opens up possibilities. embodies strength.

I’ve been in the funeral industry for 13 years. I had the feeling sometimes of touching people’s pain that it was there, in certain situations. The massive vertigo that can happen by feeling like we’ll never go back together With a lover who dies is almost felt.


Whether we like it or not, and whether we are busy in the caravans of freedom screaming at our liberation to the point of losing our voice, it will do nothing: alone, we are nothing. That’s it.

In fact, libertarians find the strength to prove their point by uniting with other libertarians. Together they were able to listen to them. They are just an anecdote. Let us now hope they see the paradox of their work!


We can play pretend, but it seems clear to me that climate disruption will strike more and more every year. Drinking water supplies are drying up in the American West. Here, water is pumped full of turbines to sell, with ridiculous royalties, to merchants who bottle and enrich it themselves.

If the game pays off for a few people in business, is it good for all Quebecers?

Does agreeing to invest $5-10 billion to build a third river-crossing link in Quebec really meet the needs of the entire Quebec population?

You have to ask yourself these kinds of questions.

Since the end of World War II, America as a whole has experienced a wave of individualism that has led to societies in which everyone fights for his little piece of land that he valiantly cuts down, keeping his small space. The expression “in the comfort of his own home” has acquired the utmost importance. In the United States, you can be armed to defend your freedom…

As for social cohesion, we thought the government would take care of it. Simple like that. There is nothing else to do!

But what happens when access to the plot or house (in which one should live comfortably!) is no longer available to many people? What happens when so many citizens lack the means to feed themselves properly?

You know, when “Yeah, but they don’t want to work!” Don’t hold up because someone who earns $14 an hour and works $40 a week can’t afford to eat and stay right?

You know, when “I managed, they did so well!” Is it not enough anymore?

When all of that happens, it’s time to put the word together in the middle of the table.

Together to break down a little of that individuality that sets us apart.

Together also in the sense that decisions must be made in the name of all citizens and not just to protect individual gains.

Together also in the sense that it is physically easy to push someone standing in front of you. But lined up in a row of a hundred people, leaning on each other’s shoulders, suddenly it took a much greater force to bring them down.

At the beginning of the column, I told you about the pain of realizing that we will no longer be “together” with a loved one who is dying. Hey, well, by ‘reintegrating’ the word ‘together’ with other people in their daily lives, these people are going through mourning.

Hello, no, no…

I passed a large truck from the Freedom Caravan in which “F…Trudeau” and F…Legault” roared in the wind.

I find him pathetic, terribly selfish and irresponsible. it was said.

These people plead for an overly intense version of themselves.

They remind me of this principle of cooperation: Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.

I would add this: When I look around and see the climate and its mood swings, I see the war, I see the state of the economy, I tell myself that, on its own, it’s over.

Glimpse of the week

The person who sings brings passion to life. The lyrical choir generates a living force that is literally transmitted. It is the power of all…

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