Tarn-et-Garonne: To establish his company’s bad reputation, he relies on the Internet

Even if word of mouth is the best ad in fire protection, Grégory Baeza recognized that it was essential to have a digital display to stand out from the competition.

After a full university course in communication, there is no need to explain to Gregory Baeza the importance of paying attention to his image. When he took over management of BSI 82 in 2021, he already knew that the image of this fire protection company should be based on a very clear and elegant website. “The website is the company’s portal, even its calling card with clients. In my field of activity, one does not order a service or buy a fire extinguisher online, he admits. Direct contact and field experience are essential before signing the contract. But the presentation of his work, products and references on the site prepares Scene and ensures seriousness.In a highly competitive business sector, the quality of your website can make the difference.Once he took over the management of this company founded in 2007, he contacted the Tarn-et-Garonne Chamber of Commerce to launch digital diagnostics.Very quickly, the need arose for Rethinking the ergonomics of the site, Grégory Baeza went so far as to rethink the logo, branding and graphic symbol he now uses in his intervention vehicles and work clothes.
“I worked before for a large national fire protection company and realized that customers needed to be reassured about the seriousness of the service. Our products are designed and built to protect. Grégory Baeza believes they should have trust and that brand image is essential. Once the connection is established, the human relationship It is she who confirms the customer’s choice. Therefore, he invites the webmaster to redesign the site, validate my Google business page, and collect “five-star” ratings on his presentation page. Going back to her page makes a quick difference. A marketing orientation that allows This Meauzac-based company is hiring, from one to three employees, but also to triple its sales since 2020.

“A good website is the best portal for business”

BSI 82 has since been referenced by Andrieu (one of the French leaders in fire extinguishers) and has won the contract from Tarn-et-Garonne Habitat, the division’s largest social owner. But these references and these numbers are not there to turn the head of this businessman who chose the local no longer has to cover a large geographical area as in his previous company. “The local market is strong enough. I enjoy forming links in my department, partnering with local associations like Montauban swimming, ATMs, or rugby Coquelicots montechois… Incorporating at the local level doesn’t prevent having to question myself regularly and take an interest in my image. Its brand. A good reputation does not fall from the sky, it is building day in and day out. Having a good website is now an obligatory part of the equation.”

Stephanie Romy: ‘We have to use the internet to boost local commerce’

Digital Business Consultant, Stephanie Romy supports VSE in developing digital solutions and tools.

Stephanie Romy, Digital Business Consultant at CCI 82.
DDM – Manuel Masip

What is the digital relationship between the companies and businesses that use your services?

Since the Covid crisis, digital technology has seen an unprecedented rise in power and awareness. In the organization of work, the implementation of remote work tools and video conferencing is evident.

During this period, commerce on the Internet developed. Still this issue?

If online sales are no longer required of merchants, we see that the click and collect service is still working a bit to satisfy some customers. But in general, stores and businesses are now well aware that you have to be visible on Google and on social networks to reach new customers.

At a minimum, what does it take to appear online?

Google’s My Business page makes it easy to communicate their address, hours of operation, nature of the business… quite simply their online presence! Traders have long believed that the Internet was the death of domestic commerce. This is a mistake ! It is a perfect tool to activate it.

why ?

Even at the local level, the customer searches the internet before visiting the store. With the rise in the price of gasoline, this is even more true. Visiting a business’s website is often the procedure before making an in-store purchase.

What tools do you have to help businesses go digital?

As part of France Relance’s digital commerce plan, CCI supported 14 companies in the division last year by creating diagnostics and suggesting ways to work. Over the course of the year, about fifteen informational meetings on digital technology were presented, which brought together many participants. We organized a workshop in partnership with Google France last November. This session, conducted in the form of mini personal dates, was a huge success.

Is your digital expertise related to other areas?

Our starting point is always digital diagnostics that evaluates customer communication, company digital performance by implementing collaborative tools or document sharing, but also the entire data component.

Is this to say?

Attention is systematically drawn to data security within the framework imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Once we have personal information, it must be protected. For example, a marketing database that contains a large amount of accurate information about the location, age and purchasing behavior of consumers is considered processing of personal data. Companies must secure this information.

What support can be provided after your digital diagnosis?

At the end of this meeting, we list areas for improvement and suggest funding, technical support, and access to training. In 2021, we’ve enriched the Presta Regional Digital Guide listing digital professionals, including about fifteen in Tarn-et-Garonne alone. Thus you can find developers and service providers that specialize in SEO near your home.

Is there currently any interesting funding related to digital?

Last month it launched a France Relance Digital Tourism plan targeting restaurants, accommodation providers and entertainment providers… For a year, Consular Chambers launched free diagnostics and offered training. Professionals can contact CCI 82 if they want to better reference their website, or even develop an online booking.

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