Sold at -50%, this Livebox Orange is unbelievable

Tired of your messy internet connection? Why not switch to the Orange Network with a Livebox worthy of the name? Currently, the Internet Box is available in a Sosh version at an exceptional price for fiber.

Orange is the great reference in France when it comes to network quality. It is known that the current telecom operator is preferable to both mobile and fibre. If you are looking for a stable network for your internet connection, Livebox is a safe choice. Unfortunately for our wallet, it’s (very) expensive.

So it is necessary to wait for the right moment to take advantage of this opportunity. As you know, Sosh is the low-cost, non-binding brand of the Orange Group. However, you can access the same network as premium customers by choosing an Internet box of this brand. The difference is that your Sosh subscription is managed online (from your customer area), not in physical stores.

If you are familiar with this type of management, you will be very interested in going to Sosh. En ce moment, il ya en plus une box internet (Livebox) qui est à un tarif ultra avantageux : vous pouvez obtenir la fibre Orange avec un debit conséquent (300 Mb/s en envoi et en téléchargement) pour seulement 14,99 euros at the month. This price is guaranteed for the first year, after which it increases to €29.99 per month.

I take advantage of the offer

You can compare with your current subscription on the Internet: fiber, moreover from Orange, at this speed and for less than 15 euros per month: it’s a solid block. However, even at €29.99 per month (which will be the price after the first year), it’s still a very good deal. To give you a point compared to Orange’s online packs, the latter fluctuates between 42 and 55 euros per month.

high-flying internet box

By choosing Sosh and this special offer at €14.99 for the first year, you will find yourself wide. You don’t just do that Save 180 euros during the first year, but in addition to that, you have a very correct price after that. The Sosh Internet Box at €14.99 is clearly a very good deal and won’t last.

In fact, Orange and Sosh rarely offer discounts. Whether in the Internet box or on phone subscriptions, the group wants to maintain its distinct image. Furthermore, you’ll notice that Livebox 5 (a box) is included with Sosh’s offering – which it wasn’t until recently.

In addition to being online, this internet box will also give you the possibility to craft Unlimited calls to landlines in France And to more than a hundred destinations. You will also be able to access the Orange TV mobile app (smartphone, tablet, computer) with a certain number of TV channels. If you want the full version with the TV decoder and all the associated channels, you’ll have to add an extra €5 per month (that’s €19.99 for the first year).

I take advantage of the offer

Of course, to get fiber at home, your home must be connected to the Orange network. Rest assured, the group is connected to more than 30 million homes and has over 6 million fiber customers. You will just have to enter your mailing address on the Sosh website to confirm that you can get a fiber optic internet box. Other than that, a similar (but necessarily slower) version is available with ADSL.

How do I immigrate to Orange (and Sosh)?

Today, all ISPs offer advantageous conditions for attracting new customers. This is also the case with Sosh, which makes an effort if you choose its Internet box. In this case, you will be able to benefit from a refund of 100 euros on termination costs. For example, if you are in SFR and want to cancel your online subscription to switch to the Orange operator, there may be costs (between 50 and 100 euros). This will cover the warranty provided by Sosh.

Likewise, you will be able to keep your landline number. Even better, Sosh will take care of automatically canceling your old streak to convert it to it. This way, you won’t have to connect a new number to your contacts. In the end, changing the Internet box is very simple and irreverent. At any time, you can follow the progress on the network.

For the quality of the Orange network and at this price, there is clearly no better internet device on the market. In terms of convenience, you will be served. Orange and Sosh are also known to have the best customer service. If you are not able to reach physical Orange stores with this Sosh plan, you can get help via phone (or via chat) customer support.

To discover the Internet box at 14.99 euros, you will find it here:

I take advantage of the offer

Finally, we remind you that this special offer does not run indefinitely: it already ends on July 4, 2022. However, it is possible that Sosh will put his offer on hold at any time, so we advise you to take advantage of it before it is too late.

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