Fortnite: A strange cryptocurrency has appeared, Tim Sweeney is ahead!

game news Fortnite: A strange cryptocurrency has appeared, Tim Sweeney is ahead!

Fortnite has just launched Chapter 3 Season 3, and it’s more than ever at the heart of Epic Games’ development strategy. That includes the Epic Games Store, the development of the Metaverse and even the publication of new titles. But some people seem to be trying to capitalize on this trend towards Web3.

circulating fake cryptocurrency

A few days ago, some players and observers noticed thatThe arrival of a cryptocurrency called Fortnite Token. The announcement surprised, but did not surprise many due to the presence of “play to win” matches and Tim Sweeney’s appetite for metaverses. Finally, Fortnite has long passed its battle royale status to become real social network, with well-attended events and concerts, and an echo chamber for major popular culture trends. But it is clear that this cryptocurrency It’s not Epic Games at all, and its presence has infuriated the president From Epic Games:

There is no cryptocurrency fortnite. Twitter accounts promoting such a thing are a scam. Epic lawyers are working on it. Also, shame on the cryptocurrency markets that allow this kind of thing.

The targeted platforms will be SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and CronaSwap, although a direct search yields no results at this time. Tim Sweeney is growing angry that this unofficial virtual currency will infringe Epic Games’ copyright on Fortnite.

Fortnite code creators defend themselves

So the procedures can be started, but nothing has been done yet. Meanwhile, the creators of this cryptocurrency have spoken out in defense of their product, arguing that Only name and photo are used for rapid growth. An argument that can be considered as a desire to deceive buyers:

Fortnite Token is not a fraudulent cryptocurrency project. Instead, it’s a cryptocurrency project created by Fortnite fans, fair-launched and community-driven, with no specific owner, corporate structure behind it, or CEO deciding its future.

however Fortnite is a registered trademarkAnd that if Epic Games doesn’t want to see the name associated with the coin, it could quickly disappear. Moreover, she has It has been removed from Telegram Shortly after Tim Sweeney reacted.

Blockchain, yes, but with conditions

Soon, another social network user He mentioned the fact that some games allow NFTs to be acquired or purchasedIt was on the Epic Games Store. Tim Sweeney wanted to respond, noting that blockchain was not an issue when it was well done and moderated:

Oh man, I wish you had a biweekly coin to sell to 12 year olds. Scams wouldn’t be that big if the cryptocurrency markets didn’t exist, why would you allow NFTs and other similar junk games on your store???

When a new technology appears, some people use it well and some people misuse it. You must be terribly short-sighted to ban an entire field of technology for this reason.

A reaction immediately followed by a comment stating that “I think we’ll have to wait a little longer before we see the first good use”. However, Tim Sweeney’s answer doesn’t come from nothing because it’s fallVait said he is ready to integrate games featuring cryptocurrency and NFT if The latter respects applicable laws, defines the conditions for their use, and is clearly defined in terms of the recommended age.

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