Soon a second operating room at Kapuskasing Hospital

Lucy Lamontani, the chief nurse, estimates that the room will be operational by the end of the summer, when all equipment is in place.

Lucy Lamontani, chief nurse practitioner, highlighted the challenges associated with hiring enough staff.

Photo: Radio Canada/Christophe Simard

The anesthesia machine has arrived in the new room and will be up and running in July. In the meantime, the schedule of operations is supposed to arrive by the end of June.

Dr Jessica Kwabis, surgeon and team leader, says the second operating room will prevent non-emergency surgeries from being canceled, which sometimes happened even with enough staff.

She thinks the hospital will be able in the short term % par rapport à 2019″,”text”:”augmenter son volume d’opérations chirurgicales de 10 à 15% par rapport à 2019″}}”>Increased volume of surgeries by 10 to 15% compared to 2019Before the pandemic, thanks to reduced downtime.

Adding a second operating room will also reduce the number of patient trips to other areas.

Hospital in Northern Ontario, in Hearst.

The new operating room will also be able to serve patients at Notre Dame Hospital in Hearst and Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane.

Photo: Radio Canada/Francis Bouchard

The surgeon determines that the number can be increase morebut at the moment the hospital does not have enough nurses and anesthesiologists to operate two operating theaters at full capacity.

Dr. Nightmares also announced at the press conference that Sensenbrenner Hospital will soon be able to perform breast cancer surgeries, Thanks to the expertise of local surgeons and new equipment.

The hiring paid off

The Kapuskasing Hospital already had the space planned for the second operating room, but it did not have the necessary equipment.

It wasn’t a problem before, because there was only one surgeonsays Dr. Jessica Nightmares.

The hospital now has three full-time surgeons, two of whom still have details to discuss in their contracts but have begun work.

The institution also relies on the support of replacement surgeons and specialists who travel occasionally.

According to Dennis Biroby, president of the hospital foundation, this is indicative that recent recruitment efforts have been successful.

In particular, the hospital received assistance from the municipality to facilitate employment.

A search for financing is full of twists and turns

The hospital’s proposal for funding, submitted in July 2021, was not initially accepted.

However, the foundation’s management learned in March that the equipment, which includes an anesthesia machine, an operating table and a lamp, will eventually be funded by the county.

The hospital’s general manager, Frans Dallaire, explains that the department had a surplus at the end of the financial year and that pressure allowed for funds to be allocated.

244$. Le ministère nous a alloué 235269$”,”text”:”Initialement, la demande de financement était de 400244$. Le ministère nous a alloué 235269$”}}”>Initially, the funding request was $24,400. The Ministry allocated $235,269said Lucy LaMontani, chief nurse at Sensenbrenner Hospital.

Photo of France Dallaire.

Frans Dallaire, Director General of the Sensenbrenner Hospital

Photo: Radio Canada/Christophe Simard

After the initial refusal of the province, the hospital administration Turn towards the foundation, because the second operating room is necessarysays Mrs. Dallaire.

522$.”,”text”:”La fondation a accepté le défi et elle s’est engagée à amasser 214522$.”}}”>The Foundation accepted the challenge and pledged to raise $214,522.

After funding was confirmed by the county, the Sensenbrenner Hospital Foundation changed its plans. I have already raised several thousand dollars.

Her goal now is $117,600 to purchase colonoscopy equipment, which was not included in the proposal submitted last year.

The campaign has raised $94,942 as of June 8.

This includes a $5,000 donation announced during the press conference by Mireille Dubosq, Project Director of the Sensenbrenner Hospital Foundation.

Mireille Dubusque in a photo.

Mireille Dubosq invites people to continue to donate and buy a 50/50 lottery ticket to help the foundation achieve its goal.

Photo: Radio Canada/Christophe Simard

So there are just a little over $22,000 left to collect.

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